Will Shih Tzu Hair Grow Back After Shaving?

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Shih Tzu with long hair

Do you know what the Shih Tzu coat is like? It is a long and dense coat, which gives a flowing feel. Shih Tzu has a double coat, unlike other breeds.

A double coat does not mean rough or something untidy; instead, it is soft as well as puffy.

No Shih Tzu owner would want to remove that or wish to have a Shih Tzu without hair because the beauty of this dog breed lies in its thick straight-flowing coat.

A Shih Tzu coat varies in various colors, as many as ten.

The growth of Shih Tzu hair for the owners is concerning as they fear that the hair will grow after the shave or will the hair start to shed. They are looking for many answers and solutions to groom their Shih Tzus accordingly.

This article will cover the answers for Shih Tzu hair growth, the shedding issues, the reasons for less Shih Tzu fluffy hair and solutions to reduce the shedding of your Shih Tzus.

Let’s start with the most awaited Shih Tzu answers!

Will Shih Tzu Hair Grow Back After Shaving?

Hair growth depends on how much you are willing to shave your Shih Tzu. It might take six to eight weeks for your Shih Tzu to grow back its hair after shaving. It can also take up to one year if the shaving is too much, as the general Shih Tzu hair growth rate is half an inch per month.

Let’s look into a few Shih Tzu hair shaving concerns!

Is It Essential To Save Shih Tzu Hair?

It is not necessary to shave your Shih Tzu hair, but if you wish to avoid the hair tangling and knots: you must shave your Shih Tzu after a few months. It will help your Shih Tzu stay in shape, clean and healthy.

If you wish to avoid shaving your Shih Tzu, you must take proper care of your dog to prevent any health issues. You will have to implement extra grooming steps to keep your pup healthy and clean.

How Much to shave your Shih Tzu?

It depends on the owner on how much he is willing to shave; it’s Shih Tzu. You will require different sizes of blades for different lengths.

You can use blade three to cut thirteen millimetres of the Shih Tzu coat.

Whereas, if you prefer to cut, such as two-point-eight millimetre, you must use a blade eight and similarly to cut 2 millimetres of the coat, you can use blade nine.

Will Shih Tzu Shed Hair?

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How much to shave your Shih Tzu?

Like all other breeds of dogs, yes Shih Tzu breed does shed hair, but the Shih Tzu shedding is so minimum that you will only experience the shedding during a bath.

As excessive shedding for Shih Tzu is rare, there must be specific reasons if your Shih Tzu is shedding more. Here are a few reasons why your Shih Tzu must be shedding excessively.

Shih Tzu’s Age

We know Shih Tzu’s shedding ratio is very low in comparison to other breeds, but if you are adopting a Shih Tzu puppy, you must expect your puppy to shed more hair while it is in the growing stages of life. You can also call it a teenage phase for Shih Tzus, just the teenage phase for humans.

You can also call it the transitional phase of a Shih Tzu, as it is usually between the age of nine months to twelve months. Shih Tzu owners must not worry if their pup is shedding more in these times as it is a natural process which will not last longer than a few weeks.

Shih Tzu‘s Health Issues

If your Shih Tzu is no longer in the transitional phase or the shedding is not stopping even after three weeks, there must be other health concerns you need to consider.

An immediate vet is necessary to identify the cause.

There can be many health problems causing the shedding, such as cancer, liver issue, bacterial infection, etc. Not only these but also skin issues can cause the shedding to increase, such as dry skin.

You must also look for an allergy test or consider observing your pup’s reaction to the products you use. It can cause an allergy to any product, such as the ingredients in a shampoo, food, or medicine.

Shih Tzu’s Pregnancy

So is pregnancy hair loss only for humans? Pregnancy hair loss has no limits to humans as dogs also have similar effects. Pregnancy hormones are one of the reasons why your female Shih Tzu must be shedding.

We all know how the female hormones change during pregnancy, affecting the Shih Tzu hair. Your Shih Tzu will also shed more hair after it gives birth. You can call it the coat blowing.

Shih Tzu’s Poor Diet

Shih Tzus love to eat, but it does not mean your Shih Tzu should be eating everything they can. You must consult a vet to choose a healthy diet for your Shih Tzu.

Once you know the type of food you can give to your Shih Tzu, you can focus on the quality and the quantity necessary for your Shih Tzu’s every meal.

You must not pick any pet food in the stores; instead, you should consider checking the ingredients of those meals.

Ensure considering foods with protein, omega 3, fat, etc. You should give your Shih Tzus meals like chicken, lamb, beef, etc.

Ways To Minimize Shih Tzu Shedding

It is always to control the hair shedding of your dog. If your dog has no serious illness, you can try to manage its hair shedding through the following tips:

Regular Brushing

If your Shih Tzu is shedding due to environmental temperature or ageing, you must ensure regular brushing of your Shih Tzu hair. Weekly brushing is a good start, but brushing your Shih Tzu daily is best to avoid the excessive hair shedding.

The quality of the brush you use for brushing your Shih Tzu also matters. You must consider using a quality brush, such as a slicker brush would do great for Shih Tzu breed hair.

It will not only brush the hair but also massage the Shih Tzu’s skin. Ensure that you are removing the tangles in the hair; this brush will remove all the loose hair from the Shih Tzu’s coat.

Avoid Frequent Bathing

Unlike humans, bathing is not the best to do every day for dogs. Understandably, dog owners love to keep their pups clean and healthy, and to make sure it happens; they consider bathing more often a good option.

Well, the truth is the opposite. Bathing your Shih Tzu daily or weekly may encourage shedding instead of reducing it. You must ensure bathing only after every four weeks. Also, make sure to use quality shampoo and all other bathing products to avoid allergic reactions.

Reasons Why Your Shih Tzu Hair Is Not Fluffy

Reasons Why Your Shih Tzu Hair Is Not Fluffy

Shih Tzu lovers know that Shih Tzus are a fluffy breed, so if your pup is not so fluffy, that may not be normal. Some of the reasons for your Shih Tzu to be less fluffy are:

Your Shih Tzu Needs Grooming

Grooming is essential to your dog care routine for each breed you adopt. For Shih Tzus, it can play a significant role in keeping its hair smooth, silky and fluffy. If you wish to adopt a Shih Tzu, you must ensure caring for it every day.

Due to the double coat of Shih Tzus, it requires extra care to maintain the quality of unique hair Shih Tzu have: such hair is rare in other breeds. Every Shih Tzu owner has to pay the price to keep its Shih Tzu up to date so it can have that fluffy hair.

It Might Have Nutritional Deficiency

You can define the amount of nutrition a human has through the hair quality; it applies to dog breeds. If your Shih Tzu’s hair is not as fluffy as before or similar to other Shih Tzu dogs, your pup must lack adequate nutrition.

You must consult a vet to ensure that your Shih Tzu has enough nutrition. If it has a nutritional deficiency, follow the vet’s instructions to focus on your dog’s diet. You must feed your Shih Tzu with all the nutritious dog foods, and any natural food you can provide your pup will be great.

You must set an eating routine for your dog that involves an equal amount of nutritional intake three to five times a day. Giving such attention to the diet, you will be able to help your Shih Tzu grow back those fluffy hairs.

Your Shih Tzu Might Be Sick

The coat of your Shih Tzu shows its nutritional intake, and so does its health. If your Shih Tzu’s coat is not as fluffy as it should be, it must be due to its worsening health issues. Your Shih Tzu might have alopecia which may cause hair loss.

If your Shih Tzu has a Cushing disease, it may lead the coat of your pup to be rough, losing its shine and fluff. The Shih Tzu might be sick if it is panting, if there is a sudden decrease or increase in the appetite, if there is thinning of the skin, etc.

Your Shih Tzu Might Have Stress

Stress issues are common in humans and dogs as both tend to have excessive hair loss if they are under any kind of stress. It can badly influence your Shih Tzu coat, causing it to shed more often.

Stress in Shih Tzus can cause the thinning of hair, causing it to look less fluffy and lose its attractive features of the dog. It may also make the Shih Tzu hair look dull when in reality, Shih Tzu hair needs to shine.

Some of the signs of stress in Shih Tzus are excessive barking and lip-licking, they might avoid eye contact with you, they might also start freezing, etc. A vet check for appropriate treatment is a necessity in such cases.

Growing Long Hair On Your Shih Tzu

Growing Long Hair On Your Shih Tzu
Growing Long Hair On Your Shih Tzu

Shih Tzus only look good if they are healthy and have fluffy and long hair. You have to maintain your hair by following a proper grooming routine. Some of the steps are:

Brush Hair Daily

Your Shih Tzu might resist the daily hair brushing at the beginning, but as a dog owner, you must make a routine for your puppy to brush its hair daily. You can start with brushing the undercoat first and then move towards the outer coat for a smooth finish.

It will remove all the tangles in your Shih Tzu hair. You must ensure brushing the coat in small sections rather than taking a bunch together.

Select Suitable Tools

You require a set of tools to groom your Shih Tzu properly. A set of tools should include the following:

  1. A comb that has wide-tooth
  2. Separate comb for the face
  3. A coat conditioner
  4. Dog shampoo and a conditioner

Ensure Changing The Top Knot Everyday

Shih Tzu owners usually love to tie a top pony on their Shih Tzus. It is best to keep the excessive hair out of the Shih Tzu eye so it can see and operate correctly. These are cute but sensitive, so you must keep changing the knots daily.

Final Words: Will Shih Tzu Hair Grow Back After Shaving?

There is no straight answer to whether Shih Tzu’s hair will grow back. The hair shedding of the Shih Tzu depends on various factors. If your Shih Tzu is healthy, the hair will grow back to the normal growth times.

Most of the wanted answers to the Shih Tzu shedding questions are answered in the article above. It is a must for Shih Tzu owners if you are planning to shave off your Shih Tzu coat. Comment below if you have any questions.

Best of luck with your Shih Tzu!

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