How Do I Stop My Shih Tzu From Peeing Or Pooping In The House? 3 Ways You Can!

Shih Tzus are among the cutest dog breed, given their small stature. However, they have a lion’s heart that makes them just as brave and some behavioral issues when not trained right.

As a new pet parent, it’s important to train your Shih Tzu to stop peeing or pooping in your house early, to make your life easier!

So, if you wish to house train your pet, you need access to a thorough guide that makes the journey easy. If you are wondering how do I stop my Shih Tzu from peeing in the house? or can a Shih Tzu use a litter box? this guide will answer all your queries.

So, without further adu, let’s show you how to stop your Shih Tzu from peeing or pooing in the house!

How Do I Stop My Shih Tzu From Peeing Or Pooping In The House? 3 Ways You Can!
How Do I Stop My Shih Tzu From Peeing Or Pooping In The House? 3 Ways You Can!

How Do I Stop My Shih Tzu From Peeing Or Pooping In The House?

Why Are Shih Tzus So Hard To House Train?

Pet parents always wonder, ‘Why are Shiz Tzus so hard to house train?’

This is because their small stature means they have small bladders. And this results in frequent peeing.

If you fail to take them outside in the yard on a frequent basis, they might get agitated and even have anxiety attacks.

However, this doesn’t mean they cannot be trained. With some patience and time, you can house-train your Shih Tzu.

The key is to start right away when you bring home your puppy. Take your pup outside every 2 to 3 hours, especially after napping, eating, & a long playing session.

Can A Shih Tzu Use A Litter Box?

Before you start house training your Shih Tzu, the first thing might wonder is, ‘Can a Shih Tzu use a litter box?’ The answer is yes. You can surely train your pup with the perfectly sized litter box.

We recommend the Elepower Dog Potty for Indoor or Porch, 3 Pcs Artificial Grass Training Pads with Pee Baffle, Reusable Dog Grass Pad with Tray (pictured below)

How Do I Stop My Shih Tzu From Peeing Or Pooping In The House? 3 Ways You Can!How Do I Stop My Shih Tzu From Peeing Or Pooping In The House? 3 Ways You Can!

If you are worried about you’re the sand spreading all over your house, you can replace them with litter pellets that do not clump up and stick to your pet’s hairs or paws.

Apart from this, you need to opt for reward-based & positive behavioral training. Make sure you are ready to train your pet repetitively and acknowledge your pet’s good behavior using some treats & verbal praise.

Why Does My Shih Tzu Poop In The House?

As mentioned earlier, Shih Tzus have a small bladder as well as a small colon. So, if you fail to take them out for pooping and to pee at regular intervals, they might end up relieving themselves in the house.

However, this isn’t the only possible reason for your Shih Tzu to poop or pee in the house. Issues such as separation anxiety or general stress might also trigger your pet to relieve themselves. Apart from that, if you have recently made some big changes in your pet’s life, like introducing another pet or traveling to a new location, it can trigger stress causing your pet to poop in the house.

How Do I Stop My Shih Tzu From Peeing Or Pooping In The House?

Now that you know why your pet pees or poops, you might wonder, ‘how do I stop my Shih Tzu from peeing in the house?’ or ‘how do I stop my Shih Tzu from pooping in the house?’

Here are a few things you can try:

Have a designated area in the house that the pet can use to relieve themselves. This should be an area your Shih Tzu can easily access regardless of the weather, especially during wintertime or heavy rains.

Make it a habit to take your Shih Tzu on quick walks in the morning and every few hours after that.

The general rule here is:
Every 3 hours for a 3-month-old pet
Every 4 hours for a 4-month-old
Every 5 to 6 hours for older dogs

Every time your pet pees or poops in a designated spot, praise them with rewards like treats. These treats should be something that you normally don’t give your pet and should be extra delicious.

Any time you aren’t in the home for long hours, make sure you take your pet out to do their business right before you leave and right after you come back.

Also, when you aren’t at home, make sure you use a properly-sized playpen. Make sure it is sturdy and non-claustrophobic, with ample space for your pet to move around. A playpen is an important part of your pet’s house training process.

With the right playpen, your Shih Tzu will enjoy a comfortable stay at home while you are away.

Make sure the playpen has a comfortable dog bed to allow them to rest.

You can start training your Shih Tzu to be comfortable inside the playpen with short stays. Start with 10 to 15 minutes in the beginning. Slowly increase the duration. This will help them get acquainted better.

The area inside the playpen must have four primary spots:

  • Bed
  • Toys
  • Food/Water
  • Pee Pads

Dogs rarely pee or poop in their belongings. So, they will surely use the pee pads to relieve themselves.

If your dog has a habit of ripping up the pee pads, replace these with litter boxes to avoid any messes.

However, we have found our Shih Tzu’s will leave the pee pads along and use these ones below, like this underneath our TV cabinet just in case they need to go in the night. You can grab these here.

Pee pad setup for our Shih Tzu's
Pee Pad setup for our Shih Tzu Dogs

If your pet is prone to marking different parts of your house, it might be due to their primal urges. The best thing you can do is neuter/spay your pet.

Apart from this, dogs mark different areas of the house in an attempt to show their dominance. The key is to establish yourself as the leader of the house subtly.

You can give them food only when they adhere to your commands like ‘Sit’ or ‘Give Paw.’


As regal as a Shih Tzu is, training this breed requires patience, time, and a lot of love! Every dog can be trained. While some dogs can be trained easily, others need a bit more time. So, follow these tips to the T, and most of all, have fun with your pet!

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