Prapso Shih Tzu | What exactly are they?

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Prapso Shih Tzu
Prapso Shih Tzu

Shih Tzu Prapso Puppies: What Are They?

There is an intriguing mystery behind this puppy.

Nobody is aware for sure where this dog breed originated from.

However, they are born in purebred Shih Tzu litter occasionally.

It is still to be determined how this particular breed of Prapso puppies is born. Whether a genetic mutation is the cause of some old form of DNA is a possible answer. It is more likely it is ancient DNA, based on how the Shih Tzu breed came about.

It is a short-coated puppy, and you can find it in a Lhasa Apso. Each of these dog breeds is quite unique even today. The differing factor between them is the various genes from these breeds that have potentially become a part of the Shih Tzu. Prapso puppies have an outlook that is significantly different than that of a normal Shih Tzu.

A vast majority of people who own Prapso puppies call them the “No-Groom Shih Tzu.” It is because of how little effort needs to be placed into making them look awesome. The feature that sets this puppy apart from the rest is its lack of facial hair.

The traditional Shih Tzu dog does have hair on their face. They grow out haphazardly in all directions. The alienating aspects of the Prapso puppy from the Shih Tzu dog family come to light a few weeks after they are born. You can also notice the differences between eh Shih Tzu dogs and their Prapso siblings by the 6th or 7th week.

By the time the 8th week comes around, a normal Shih Tzu dog will have hair that covers their eyes and hide them. While in the Prapso pup, the eyes will still be quite prominently visible when they are 8 weeks of age.

Prapso Puppies Characteristics

Prapso Puppies Characteristics

The Prapso puppy looks different from the Shih Tzu breed regardless of them being purebred Shih Tzu dogs. However, we can see all Shih Tzus have a double coat, a smooth inner coat with a relatively harder outer coat.

Although the Prapso puppy has a single coat, most Shih Tzu dogs have hair over their body that can grow to the floor. It is dependent on how well the coat is taken care of. This particular trait is required if a dog owner wishes to show their dog in Conformation.

The hefty abundant coat of hair is a prized possession. It is a characteristic that is viewed as the discriminating factor that sets the breed apart from the rest. It has not been noticed that all Shih Tzu dogs have thick coats.

There has been extensive variation in the coat’s density and feel in Shih Tzu breeds. The Champion Shih Tzu is the breed with the thickets coat among all of them. Although the Prapso Puppies having thick long hair cannot be an occurrence.

The hair of the Prapso Puppy only has the ability to grow out to a certain length. After that, the car has to stop growing. It is interchangeable with how the Japanese Chin grows out of its coat. This specific factor is extremely alluring to people and attracted many buyers. People generally adore the temperament of a Shih Tzu.

Combined with a smaller cat that they do not have to look after all the time, they have the perfect house pet. A traditional Shih Tzu requires a lot of fo time for grooming, and most people do not always have the resources and time to look after them well.

The Lifespan Of Prapso Puppy

No particular health issues have been linked to the Prapso puppy. There is currently no literature claiming so. Like any other breed, all Shih Tzu dogs possess similar genetic conditions.

Some of the common health problems that have come to light are eye concerns, hip and knee issues, and reproductive problems, along with a few others.

However, we have not come across a breed that is 100 percent healthy without any health concerns. The good news is that the Praspo puppies take pleasure in a similar lifespan as any other Shih Tzu. They usually have a very healthy life. They manage to spend a life without any major scares.

What Makes Prapso Shih Tzus Unique?

What Makes Prapso Shih Tzus Unique?

The Prapso Shih Tzu is born when you get a puppy that is a little different from a normal litter every once in a while. In a litter of healthy and awesome Shih Tzu puppies, you might come across one that looks to be minutely different in terms of hair growth.

A few rare traits of the Prapso Shih Tzu make it different from the regular breed. Prapso puppies have exhibited signs of benign, a little more advanced than the others in the same group.

For instance, they might start walking earlier and be able to digest solid food faster. They may become independent sooner and not require much help.

The fundamental changes seem to be physical in nature. In terms of behavior, the Prapso puppies seem to be the same as the other puppies. Shih Tzu does tend to have a relatively less drive for prey. They would rather watch you throw an object and then take their time to wait and see as your get it back.

When the Shih Tzu dog was previously bred in Tibet or China, there were no proper records. Most of the small Asian breeds have exhibited common characteristics.

It is why it is expected that the different breeds share DNA. It includes the Lhasa Apso, Shih Tzu, Pekingese, Pug, Tibetan Spaniel, and Japanese Chin.

A majority of Prapso owners have reported that their dogs turn out to be smart and wise. They are quick to learn and mature faster than any of their non-Prapso brothers or sisters.

The Coat Of A Prapso Shih Tzu

The Prapso puppies are flawlessly fit little babies. A Prapso puppy will generally be seen maturing at a faster speed than those dogs that were their little mates. It will manifest in them opening their eyes earlier than usual.

They might also get a full set of teeth much earlier than other dogs in the litter. Normally, they do tend to have a playful, outdoorsy personality.

There is no viable reason to back this theory; however, Prapso puppies are considered to be smarter than other dogs in their breeds. The most noticeable feature of the Prapso puppy is that they have shorter than average length and amount of hair for their breed.

A full, completely grown Prapso Shih Tzu puppy will exhibit shorter smoother hair. These will traditionally be covering their whole body. However, the muzzles and the legs tend to be less tall than their torso.

There is also a chance that in the Shih Tzu, you might come across a partial Prapso. This partial dog will showcase longer hair on the body, although it might not grow to the ground as is generally expected of a Shih Tzu to have a flowing coat that might not be visible.

The long hair might be present on the face and the head. It is where you can tie adorable little knots. However, right around the muzzle area, they will remain short, and the legs will also be shorter than the body.

All in all, Prapso puppies make for excellent pets. You get all the fun and love without the hard work of managing a copious amount of hair and taking care of long coats.

In conclusion

Fewer breeders are left that intentionally aim to breed the Prapso puppies. However, the ones that do come into this world are absolutely beautiful! They are precious, cute little beings that will make your heart melt with their adorableness.

The Prapso Puppies will definitely make for the ideal pet. They will light up every corner of your house with love and positivity. They are just as endearing as a normal-looking Shih Tzu. Also, as we are all aware, we should not judge a book by its cover.

The very nature of the Prapso puppy will be good enough for you to want them with you forever. Yes, they would never win in the Confirmation competitions. Nevertheless, many of the pet quality Shih Tzu might not be potential winners either.

If you love having a presence in your life that has a delightfully stubborn streak, an intense level of loyalty, and an aura of playfulness, the Prapso Puppy should be your go-to choice. Also, you get all this without having to put in the long grueling hours grooming their coats.

However, if you are willing to adopt one, you might have to be patient. The waiting line is a little longer as the process as of today is not substantial. Breeders have yet to determine the exact process of producing them intentionally.


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