Shih Tzu Potty Training | The only guide you need to save yourself the mess!

Shih Tzu Potty Training | The only guide you need to save yourself the mess!
Marla, Shih Tzu 4 years old

Shih Tzu small and smart compatible lapdogs are easy-to-train dog breeds. Potty training a Shih Tzu would require a lot of effort with equal amounts of patience and persistence.

Housebreaking your Shih Tzu might be a difficult challenge for some new pet owners. Don’t get stressed or frustrated, as this time you spend with your friend will end up strengthening your bond with the little friend.

Likewise, all other training potty training brings out better results if given attention from the first day. A puppy Shih Tzu will start understanding and following your commands around the age of a few months. But for adopted older dogs, you defiantly need to put in the high effort to get better results.

A well-potty-trained Shih Tzu is always over-loved and gives peace of mind to the owners.

Below we are going to share some of the most effective Shih Tzu potty training techniques that, if followed with consistency, can lead to better results.

Shih Tzu Potty Training

No doubt, Shih Tzu are the friendliest breeds out there, but these socially friendly dogs can sometimes become more stubborn and even develop separation anxiety too.

While potty training a Shih Tzu one must grab up with patience and daily commitment. Once you have decided to potty train your Shih Tzu, you must follow the below-mentioned methods for developing a healthy potty habit.

Defining A Certain Area or Spot:

Defining a particular area where your pup can eliminate is always a better way to start with your Shih Tzu potty training. A designated place will help to localize the created mess.

But before you select it, make sure that your dog will be comfortable in that area. Moreover, we recommend not changing the places again and again.

Find a good location rather, indoors or outdoors. It could be your backyard, garage edge, or even the corner of your living room.

For indoor areas, potty pads are littered and are recommended if you are more concerned regarding hygiene; frequent designation of the potty area is essential. Once you have sensed that it’s time for your Shih Tzu, quickly take him to the desired location.

In the start, remind them and take them to the area by yourself; with time, give commands to take them to the area and if they do well, praise them.

Develop and Stick To A Schedule:

Develop a schedule for letting your dog go for elimination. Depending upon age and health, this schedule will vary from dog to dog. But for a healthy 3-month older puppy, you can start its training first to hold the bladder.

You can do it by allowing the puppy to go to elimination only a couple of times during the day, according to the schedule.

Scheduling out your puppy’s potty routine can be a very effective way to develop a good habit. Small puppies under the age of 1 year are to be taken to potty break after almost every 1-2 hours.

As they start growing, you can decrease the time for adults; you can just take a break after every 4 hours. Elders above five years can hold out to their bladder for 6 hours. Despite that, there are some specific schedules mentioned below. Do check them also:

Humans also need to go out and eliminate it just after waking up and before bed. Like us, dogs and especially Shih Tzu, need to be taken to the designated potty spot so that they can eliminate out.

You must take them for elimination one hour after serving your Shih Tzu. After exercise, outside park walks, and naps, elimination is also necessary.

Following A Proper Feeding Routine:

The potty routine is closely related to feeding and eating. So, it’s very essential to feed your pup a well-balanced diet with a proper routine.

Eating surely stimulates the bowel movement of the intestines and digestive system. As a result, Shih Tzu would need to eliminate within one hour of eating, so do mark that.

Building a proper feeding routine and then following it will automatically help you to know their pooping routine; a proper feed makes them remain disciplined and stick to the previous times.

A miscarriage in feeding can change out the popping time, and you will end up with accidental elimination. So, it is always essential to take care of their feeding routine.

Positive Crate Training:

With crate training there are some misconceptions, like crate training is like closing the dog in a cage and prisoning him. That all-myths crate training is one of the most effective old techniques used to potty train Shih Tzu; in this technique, dogs are trained to hold the bladder without leaving their own space.

Before you start the crate training, you must also make whether your Shih Tzu is comfortable or not. Your crate should have a sufficient size so that the Shih Tzu can easily stand stretched out or can lay down extendedly.

Moreover, the crates should be meshed and ventilated from all possible sides. A crate can serve as a puppy sleeping place; it would also be clear in its mind that it had to sleep in there and not to eliminate.

To let your puppy be familiar with going in and out, you can use commands like go to bed or go in; he will simply go in. If it doesn’t work, then you can start by putting his favorite snacks inside the crate; as a result, he will automatically move in.

Parsing For Obedience and Rewarding:

Positive criticism for disobedience is the first way we recommend training your Shih Tzu. But if you start getting good results and see that your dog obeys your commands, we recommend you praise him by giving him a treat and praise.

It would encourage positive and obedient behaviors; as a result, your Shih Tzu will learn faster and easier.

Signs That Indicate Shih Tzu Needs To Go Potty

Signs That Indicate Shih Tzu Needs To Go Potty
Barry, 9 year old Shih Tzu

An essential element in developing an effective potty-training habit is monitoring the signs your Shih Tzu gives. Dog owners can interpret a lot of dogs’ conversations simply by seeing their body language.

You must watch for these signs as a pet owner and quickly take your dog to the designated potty spot. Here we mentioned a few of the given signs by Shih Tzu when they want to go for elimination.

Moving In Circles:

The first sign dogs usually give out to tell their owners about elimination time is they start moving out in circles. When you notice that your Shih Tzu is moving out, running in, or walking in concentric circles, it indicates to you that he needs to eliminate.

Whining And Sniffing:

Dogs longing out towards the outdoors or towards every family member who passes by can be an indication that they want you to play with them or take them out either for a walk or can be an indication that they want to eliminate. So do mark this whining and sniffing as an indication to go for the potty.

Scratching Head Against The Door Or Walls:

If your dog designated potty area is marked outside, and the dog is inside the house. Then he will scratch out the walls or door with his paws and even rub his head around. Telling them to let him go for the potty. It can also be when he had been stuck and tied to the home for a long and wanted to play outside.

Licking The Rear Groin:

Licking of the rear groin and abrupt behavioral change in the dog’s mood can also be a sign that he needs to go out for poop.

How Long Does It Take to Potty Train A Shih Tzu?

It’s never too hard to potty train Shih Tzu, and it won’t take a decade to train them. But it isn’t that simpler that you can simply train them in weeks.

Training Shih Tzu will require a lot of persistence and patience while following up our above-mentioned Shih Tzu potty training trips daily with commitment.

A Shih Tzu can be easily potty trained within 2-4 months. This span can also vary depending on the nature, age, and activity of your Shih Tzu.

What Works with Potty Training Shih Tzu Puppy?

Shih Tzu Potty Training | The only guide you need to save yourself the mess!
Lisa, 5 year old Shih Tzu from WI

For potty training, Shih Tzu’s different owners have different opinions; for some, the crate training and pee pads training worked. For some, indoor training worked; for a larger community, outdoor training worked. But all was based on their utility and needs.

If you are a flat owner depending upon your utilities, you can choose between the pee pads and crate technique under the spectra of indoor training.

Similarly, for those with their own homes, outdoor training would work. Talking about irrespective of the owners and residing on the nature, activity level, and temperament of the Shih Tzu, I believe that outdoor training will work the best and develop a healthy potty habit for Shih Tzu.

When To Start Potty Training Shih Tzu Outside?

While living in a closed apartment on different floors, the left method is to define an indoor spot for potty training Shih Tzu. But if you are living out in your own house with a yard, then it’s better to start with the outside potty training of your Shih Tzu.

When your Shih Tzu passes 1+ years of age, we recommend potty training them outside. It will develop a sense of responsibility in your dog. Outside potty training can also increase Shih Tzu’s activity level and fulfill his needs for outdoor training.

The more the owner spends time with his Shih Tzu, the stronger their bond becomes, and stubborn behavior is treated out. Moreover, outdoor potty training matches their canine instinct, leading to an easier and faster training experience.

Shih Tzu Potty Training Tips?

We have shared a complete extensive guide regarding the Shih Tzu potty training above. Here we will be sharing some small key takeaway tips regarding the Shih Tzu training that are very effective in gaining good results. With no further due, let’s dive in.

Start as Early as Possible: The first and most effective tip I would give to every Shih Tzu owner starting to potty train his Shih Tzu is to start your friend’s training as early as possible.

Developing Healthy Routines, Sticking to Them: With healthy routines, I mean the elimination of timing routines around the day and their healthy feeding.

Constant Supervision, Persistence, Patience, and Commitment: You have to stick to the daily routines and be patient at various points to see the results.

Understanding and Interpreting Dogs Signs: Look for signs and interpret them, whether they are for discomfort with space or tiredness with training, and look for potty elimination signs.

Prevent Hotspots and Ensure Proper Cleaning: This tip is specifically for those who are training their Shih Tzu indoors. You need to eliminate all the hotspots for elimination. Then you must also ensure proper cleaning of the mess with an enzyme disinfectant to remove all unpleasant odors.

Say No To Punishing and Yes to Rewarding and praising: Never scold nor punish, as it can give rise to stubborn behavior and can affect the training. Rather you can praise and reward for good behavior; it will serve as an encouragement.

Final Words

Social and Friendly Shih Tzu usually becomes stubborn and can be difficult to potty train. Potty Training a Shih Tzu is a bit more challenging than another dog. With treated motivation, patience, and positive reinforcement, you can surely potty train your Shih Tzu.

While training your Shih Tzu, it’s necessary to be patient, calm, and gentle with your Shih Tzu. It’s an old saying What starts well ends well, so for Shih Tzu, we also recommend starting the training from the first day.

That was all from our side on how to potty train a Shih Tzu. If you still have any queries about potty training a Shih Tzu, then you can reach us; we would love to hear from you.

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