Shih Tzu Vomiting! Causes, Remedies, and 3 treatments

Vomiting of Shih Tzu is very common for several reasons: a change in your Shih Tzu’s diet, they might be eating food from within the garbage, eating in a spree or fast, etc. in these cases, 24 hours quickly is suggested until the vomiting isn’t stopped.

Sometimes the cause of Shih Tzu vomiting is severe, and the reason can be certain diseases or blockages of the stomach. Eating different foods can make your stomach Shih Tzu. Also, it may disturb the digestive system as well as other allergies. But you can cure vomiting. Vomiting is an issue but can be cured easily.

Many dogs throw undigested food as well as digested food. And it’s also possible that your dog is not having a problem with them but vomiting. They may have a sensitive stomach. So what should you do if your dog is vomiting?

Read out the article to answer your queries! You can not fix some types of vomits at home. It would help if you visited a vet. The vets recognize their problems and treat them with proper medication

This guide is all about Shih Tzu vomiting, causes and how to fix it!

Shih Tzu Vomiting! Causes, Remedies, and 3 treatments
shih tzu vommiting

Types Of Vomiting Shih Tzu Face:

These kinds of vomit in Shih Tzu are divided according to their characteristics and duration. It can be chronic if they are vomiting and acute if it lasts for four days maximum.

It depends on the features of the Shih Tzu, but we find the following Shih Tzu vomiting types:

Bilious Vomit:

This kind of vomit is by the release of the bile fluid through the gallbladder.

Food Vomit:

This type of vomit is when Shih Tzu is vomiting undigested food.

Mucous Vomit:

It occurs when your Shih Tzu is vomiting mucus.

Hematic Vomit:

In this situation, your Shih Tzu might be vomiting anything that involves or with blood.

It’s common to find vomiting in Shih Tzu with grass, small feces as well as brownish fluid. Next, I’m going to show the cause of Shih Tzu vomiting.

Common Causes Of Shih Tzu Vomiting:

There are plenty of causes your Shih Tzu may vomit. Vomiting occurs due to a reason, but you can also cure it. Let’s move toward the causes of Shih Tzu vomiting:

Stomach Flu:

Gastroenteritis will affect your Shih Tzu in the same way as us humans. And if your Shih Tzu is vomiting and having diarrhea, they are experiencing an abdominal pain in this situation.

You can treat it at home, and the Shih Tzu will feel better, but it mainly depends on the reason of why your Shih Tzu is vomiting. This gastroenteritis is caused by ingesting lousy food or any viral infection. For this situation, you need a vet.

Ingestion Of Foreign Objects:

The ingestion of anything inside your body can cause blockage in the stomach or your Shih Tzus intestine. Vomiting is a typical response to thow it, and the Shih Tzu constantly spills it until the object is entirely out of their body.

It is the most crucial reason you need to focus on the Shih Tzu and ensure they don’t eat anything dangerous. If they have still eaten something, take them to a vet immediately!

Intestinal Parasites:

If intestinal parasites, such as tapeworms or roundworms, cause irregularity in your body, other causes are vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal swelling, and food loss. Veterinarians need to find the cause of their vomiting.

Viral Infections:

Many viral infections like parvovirus and distemper cause vomiting. Both these infections are highly contagious and are potentially deadly if treated late. If you have discovered that your Shih Tzu is facing any of these infections, you must immediately take him to a vet!

Toxic Food and Allergies:

All food is not suitable for Shih Tzu. Some foods and plants are poisonous and can cause indigestion to them. Also, eating spoiled food from garbage can cause infection.

Simultaneously if a food is allergic to your Shih Tzu, it may cause vomiting, diarrhea, and abdominal pain. The common factor for this situation is hair loss and mouth infection. Several foods are dangerous for the Shih Tzu’s health so make sure you keep an eye on your Shih Tzu diet.


The aged Shih Tzu are more likely to get tumors. In this situation, they may face vomiting and other symptoms indicating this disease’s presence.

You will feel it in your Shih Tzu body if you go through a tumor. Furthermore, some tumors are examined through lab tests, so it’s better to take your Shih Tzu to a vet immediately.

Inflammatory Bowel Disease:

This chronic disease causes inflammation of the intestine and may result in vomiting. If they are going through this, you need to change your Shih Tzus diet and ensure to make them exercise.

Change In Diet:

A sudden change in diet can also cause vomiting. It’s essential to introduce a shift in food slowly, whether your Shih Tzu is homemade or ready-made too.

If you have changed the food of your Shih Tzu and they start vomiting or faces diarrhea, the problem is probably in the food. In this case, you need to stay with your Shih Tzu to help them adopt a new diet.

Please mix their new diet with the old one so that your Shih Tzu enjoys their food more!

Eating Very Fast:

Some Shih Tzu get excited while eating. Due to this, vomiting occurs with a white foamy substance. Getting worried about it is not something, but you must change their behavior.

If you eat quickly, you can shift their food to two separate bowls and give them the first and when they get finished, give them the second bowl.

You have to ensure they don’t vomit after eating the first bowl. Slow feeders are available in the market to help them eat slowly!

Yellow Vomiting Of A Shih Tzu:

Yellow Vomiting Of A Shih Tzu
Yellow Vomiting Of A Shih Tzu

A yellow Shih Tzu vomit is a type of bile vomit that is yellow, and bile comes out in this situation. This situation occurs when the Shih Tzu vomits several times, and its stomach is empty stomach expels yellow fluid.

Why Is My Shih Tzu Vomiting Bile?

Though bile vomits are yellowish, it’s also possible to see them in greenish or brownish tones. In some cases, the most common causes for these types of vomiting are the presence of an infectious disease.

It may be in the form of allergy, food intolerance, consumption of toxic objects, or staying in a situation causing stress. It’s to visit a vet in this situation as this kind of vomit can result in dehydration!

What To Do?

If yellow vomiting is happening to your Shih Tzu, you must keep an eye on their eating schedule. Adding a meal can calm their things down as Shih Tzus have small intestinal tracts, and food is absorbed quickly, but leaving the dog’s stomach empty can cause a problem.

Treatment For A Shih Tzu Vomiting:

The treatments and vomiting in Shih Tzu depend on the causes, as there is no single treatment for all kinds of vomits. A viral disease is not determined the same way as indigestion, so it’s essential to consult a vet for treatment.

The vet may recommend antibiotics, pain relievers, and stomach protectors, depending on the condition. So Shih Tzu can’t have surgery.

Here are some tips to help Shih Tzu cure vomit:

Withhold Food:

When your Shih Tzu is vomiting make sure to avoid food for at least 12 hours for a puppy and 23 hours for a grown dog. It allows the stomach’s inflammation to slow down and stop vomiting. If your dog is not eating anything, it may throw up.

Ice Chips:

When vomiting, it’s possible that your dog may feel dehydrated, as most dogs face problems keeping down the water. For a fact, it’s essential to help them stay hydrated during this time. Ice chips will help them consume water as well as stop vomiting.

Give Your Shih Tzu Ginger:

When your dog throws up, you must try the ginger remedy. The properties of ginger can help them calm down the stomach and stops them from vomiting. Also, you can apply honey on a loaf of sliced bread and sprinkle a bit of ginger powder. It will cure their vomiting conditions.

Another way to consume ginger is to boil it and add it to coconut milk. Store this and give this solution to your dog with gaps.

Why Is My Shih Tzu Throwing Up Food?

There are many possibilities for this question. It’s regurgitation. Your dog may have eaten too much or too fast, or they are surfeiting from anxiety. Another possibility for this cause is the megaesophagus, so you must get it checked by a vet.

If your dog vomits, it usually happens right after he has eaten something. Your dog’s stomach will be smelly. In such cases, you must call a vet. A disease, infection, parasites, allergies, etc., could be to blame for vomiting.

You must pay attention when your dog throws food, whether digested, undigested or fully digested. If you think there is any problem, you must immediately call a veterinarian.

What Should You Give Your Shih Tzu When They Vomit?

What Should You Give Your Shih Tzu When They Vomit?
What Should You Give Your Shih Tzu When They Vomit?

When your Shih Tzu is sick or vomiting, you must give them specific foods which are easily digestible. It includes boiled potatoes, carrots, rice, pumpkin, etc.

It may be possible that your Shih Tzu doesn’t eat after vomiting, so you must give them small quantities for the whole day. You need to ensure that you don’t give them massive amounts to eat as it may be difficult for them to digest.

If the vomiting is caused by a serious issue and can’t be treated quickly, the vomiting won’t stop. Going to the vet is essential if vomiting isn’t controlled after 24 hours of fast and soft diet intake.

Should I Give My Dog Water After Vomiting?

You must stop giving your Shih Tzu for almost two hours and stop eating food for approximately 6-8 hours. After the last episode of their vomiting is done, you must start giving them small meals that include rice or white chicken. Your Shih Tzu will be fine the next day if everything is normal!

What If Shih Tzu Vomits Right After Exercise?

If your puppy vomits right after exercise, it means your Shih Tzus food hasn’t settled before he gets into high activity levels. It is not a big issue though you can solve it by spending one hour on meals and walking. It is the best way to resolve this issue.

Moreover, you must be sure that you don’t let your Shih Tzu over-exercise. Make them exercise in the morning or the evening.

A Final Thought

This guide regarding Shih Tzu vomiting will help you tackle your Shih Tzu. Here I have mentioned the leading causes of vomiting, its prevention, and some tips and tricks. It depends on the cause of the vomiting and the characteristics of vomiting. If you are still unable to cure their infection, you should contact a vet immediately.

Vomiting is a common issue, and you don’t need to get panic. It happens due to a reason usually. Some situations can be cured at home, but other severe cases worsen. It needs to be checked by a veterinarian.

Was this guide helpful to you? Have I answered all your queries? Leave a comment below!


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