Do Shih Tzus bark a lot? Get your peace back!

Do Shih tzus bark alot?

Do Shih Tzus bark a lot?

Some people even believe that all Shih Tzus bark excessively, but this isn’t actually the case. While all dogs have the potential to bark excessively if not trained properly, Shih Tzus are no more prone to this behavior than any other breed.

In fact, with the proper training and socialization, Shih Tzus can be relatively quiet dogs.

In this article, we answer the question do Shih Tzus bark a lot, and how to train it not to be so noisy!

Why are people curious about the barking habits of this breed of dog?

This is a common question because the last thing you want is a dog that barks excessively and is annoying to your neighbors.

Like most dogs, each dog will be different depending on a number of factors, including upbringing, training, socialization, plus others.

Separation anxiety is also a big thing for the Shih Tzu, so eliminating that will help as much as possible as well.

The Shih Tzu also gets lumped in with other toy breeds who have a reputation for barking excessively; however, as we know from first-hand experience with our Shih Tzu that this is a myth.

So why do Shih Tzus bark a lot?

Like all dogs, they bark for a variety of reasons.

They may bark to alert their owners of something, to get attention, out of excitement or fear, or simply because they are bored.

If your Shih Tzu is barking excessively, it is important to first figure out why they are doing it.

Only then can you begin to work on correcting the behavior.

We like to work down our own list of needs that we know our Shih Tzu has when it starts barking, and then via a process of elimination, we will find the reason for them barking at us.

Generally, we find it’s either they need to go out to the toilet, they want to play, or they are alerting us to someone in our hallway.

Mental stimulation and separation anxiety are also a couple of major reasons that your Shih Tzu may excessively bark if you’re having this problem.

To help with mental stimulation for your Shih Tzu, it is highly advisable, depending on your dog’s personality, that you have an appropriate chew toy and other items that can keep your Shih Tzu occupied.

Separation anxiety is also a big problem for Shih Tzu, as this toy breed just loves to be by your side 24 hours a day!

If you’re Shih Tzu is lonely at home, it might be worth considering getting a furry friend or new puppy to keep your Shih Tzu company.

We did exactly this with our Shih Tzu and have noticed a huge difference in our first Shih Tzu’s behavior and personality.

It really does help to have another companion for your Shih Tzu, so if you notice that your dog’s behavior is a bit lonely, consider getting another dog.

What do experts say about Shih Tzus and barking?

The experts say that Shih Tzus are no more prone to barking excessively than any other breed of dog.

With proper dog training for your Shih Tzu and socialization, they can be relatively quiet dogs. However, all dogs have the potential to bark excessively if not trained properly.

Therefore, it is important to make sure your Shih Tzu receives the proper training and socialization in order to prevent excessive barking.

You ideally want to be training your Shih Tzu from when it’s a puppy, and there will be relevant puppy schools in your area that can help you with this as a dog owner.

People often mistake the Shih Tzu for being a yappy dog, especially due to its size.

However, if you get the training right and don’t leave it alone for a long time, you will find they rarely bark.

How can you train a Shih Tzu not to bark excessively?

Do Shih tzus bark alot? 3 Shih Tzus standing next to each other

There are a number of things you can do to train your Shih Tzu not to bark excessively.

First, you need to figure out why they are barking.

Once you know the reason, you can begin to work on correcting the behavior. You may need to provide more exercise, attention, and stimulation for your dog if they are bored or anxious.

You may also need to work on obedience training and teaching your dog to be quiet on command.

If your dog is barking out of excitement or fear, you will need to desensitize them to the things that trigger the behavior.

With patience and consistent training, you can help your Shih Tzu learn to control their barking.

Another great option is to take your Shih Tzu to a dog park, as they will be surrounded by other dogs barking.

When your Shih Tzu starts barking, you will be able to correct its behavior via various training methods that you will have hopefully learned at obedience classes.

There will also be a lot of mental stimulation due to the many dogs that will be at a dog park; however, after a while, your Shih Tzu will adapt, and with proper socialization, it will be the best-behaved dog; there!

However, proper training for your Shih Tzu is a must at the beginning to make this process a lot easier.

Are Shih Tzus good dogs for people who want a quiet pet?

Yes, Shih Tzus can be good dogs for people who want a quiet pet.

However, you will have to really commit to training your Shih Tzu puppy from a very early age to have a well-trained dog that doesn’t bark excessively.

Other reasons why Shih Tzus make good dogs for people who want a quiet pet are that they are typically very calm and gentle dogs.

They also tend to be relatively low energy, so they won’t require a lot of exercise or playtime.

Additionally, Shih Tzus typically have a very good temperament and are very easy to train.

This makes them ideal for people who want a quiet, obedient dog.

Finally, Shih Tzus generally do not bark excessively, so they won’t disturb the peace in your home.

If you are looking for a quiet, low-maintenance dog, then a Shih Tzu may be the perfect pet for you.


The Shih Tzu is a great alert dog when needed; however, it won’t annoy your neighbors by barking all day.

With proper training, especially during the puppy years, your Shih Tzu will be a pleasure compared to other dog breeds.

You don’t have to worry about your Shih Tzu barking late at night or annoying your neighbors.

You can be confident that a properly trained Shih Tzu, will not bark a lot and be that annoying yappy dog that annoys us all! 

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