Do Shih Tzu Smell? 3 ways how you can stop it from smelling!

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Do Shih Tzu smell?

Shih Tzus are adorable dogs. Some of you guys love to cuddle and pet them as they are tiny little creatures. So if their odor is off and doesn’t smell fantastic, there’s undoubtedly an issue.

Shih Tzus are known for their large round eyes and short snout. Also, they have growing hair, floppy ears, and short posture. They are small, but Shih Tzus are playful and friendly.

They can adapt to different situations. The Shih Tzus are an obedient and independent breed. These dogs have been bred to facilitate humans for food and provide furs.

Have you ever wondered why Shih Tzu smells? Here I’ll be listing some of the queries regarding Shih Tzu. We all know the terrible smell of a dog we never wish for.

The dog’s scent can range in several stages, from healthy to pleasant, slightly smelly, stinky, or unbearable. But if the odor becomes solid or fishy, find a cause for their foul smell.

Let’s dive into the article to learn more about how Shih Tzu smells!

Do Shih Tzu Smell?

No, It’s not normal if your Shih Tzu is stinking. Shih Tzu is going to experience foul odor due to a specific reason. If your dog smells terrible, it may have allergies, seborrhoea, Cushing’s disease, gland problems, eye infection, tooth decay, periodontal disease, or other medical issues.

Shih Tzu is a toy dog bred, so he’s undoubtedly not going to forage through the swamp by mud puddles daily. We can also eliminate these activities for hygiene issues.

Most people smell bad after being sweaty. Like humans, when Shih Tzu produces coat oils, they smell bad. However, these oils are essential to provide luster and protection for elements and also help their hair keep smooth and shiny. Sometimes I can overcome these situations through diet.

Some odors are tested and found in Shih Tzu. The determining smells were blackberries, mint, rose, lavender, and linalool. This particular breed is not known for the dog smell that some dogs carry.

They are indoor dogs, so they don’t get out more often to catch bouquets from outside. This dog is a regal dog breed that is known for its beauty. Also, it can omit foul odors from the dogs.

Sometimes Shih Tzu gets smelly as they have skin issues where their skin can be drying and itching. It is the reason for foul odors. Some of the main problems are seborrhoea and Cushing’s disease, but this could also be an issue in your dog.

Due to medical reasons, Shih Tzu sometimes gets smelly after a bath.

Secondary yeast or bacterial infection in the ear or skin is the main reason they stink.

This process starts with allergies which lead to scratching and licking, further opening the doors for infectious diseases.

How To Improve The Smell Of Shih Tzu?

Firstly, brush and comb their hair before plucking them into the sink and tub. You must pour warm water into the tub, not hot water, and choose a high-quality shampoo.

You must be careful, as the shampoo should not lather on their eyes and ears. The high-quality shampoo should not strip Shih Tzu’s oils or make their skin dry.

Secondly, if you choose to bathe your dog frequently, try using a hypoallergenic product free of soap, detergent, fragrance, and colors.

Moreover, if you find a shampoo that contains moisturizing agents such as aloe Vera, coconut oil, jojoba oil, and other essential oils, this would be a win-win point. The vet also prefers this type of shampoo if a Shih Tzu is allergic.

After this procedure, you need to scrub them well with light hands. If any residue is in their coat, it will cause irritation and itching. Whatever shampoo you are using, try to condition them after shampooing. It is going to seal the hair shaft cuticle and doesn’t dry out the skin and coat.

On the other hand, drying is very significant after bathing. If you bathe Shih Tzu at home, you need to invest in a table-size pet dryer to dry them. After you towel dries them, you need to blow dry them directly at the area you are brushing.

If you choose to dry them with a handheld hair dryer, it could be scorching for them in one spot. Once you have dried the Shih Tzu, brush its coat with a stainless steel comb.

Feed them a high-quality diet. It is the main reason why dogs smell bad. Groom them by yourself. Dogs groom them, but it doesn’t mean you must rely on them.

Don’t forget to wash your Shih Tzu’s teeth, which may cause bad breath. These are a few ways to improve the smell of Shih Tzu!

How Often Should Shih Tzus Be Bathed?

How Often Should Shih Tzus Be Bathed?
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Under normal conditions, a Shih Tzu needs a bath every three weeks. If you don’t give a bath to Shih Tzu more often, the accumulated body oil will start smelling bad, and their skin or coat will not get any bathing benefits.

On the other hand, if you bathe them more often, their skin oil can be stripped off, which will cause dryness and other issues.

Bathing timings will differ if there is any severe problem with the skin or coat. In cases like irritation, itching, or hair loss, the Shih Tzu needs to take a bath more often to eliminate these problems with the help of shampoos and different treatments.

If you start the treatment, you need to be regular in the first week of treatment, and then you can regulate the timings according to your preference. The timings are usually dependent on the issue and the treatment.

The rule is to bathe Shih Tzu with shampoo and conditioner once a month, as over-bathing can increase infection on their skin. When they go out more often, they gather vacuum and dirt all over their body.

Then it’s advised to make them shower every 2-3 weeks. You can also give them a dry bath if your Shih Tzu is hesitant about water. Moreover, their paws must also be cleaned when they come home from a walk.

Shih Tzus loves to take a bath in small tubs placed in large tubs or the kitchen sink. This way, the bath will be extremely overwhelming. It is essential to make their baths tolerable; otherwise, they will not let you clean them. It is the case for small Shih Tzu.

The adult Shih Tzu, over 10lbs, can tolerate water and loves to take baths. They can be scrubbed and showered in full-sized tubs too. Try to choose the best products to pour your Shih Tzu.

Why Do Shih Tzu’s Eyes Smell?

Have you ever wondered why Shih Tzu’s eyes smell? SHIH Tzu is known to have issues in their eyes. You may have noticed that Daphne has gunk in their eyes more often, which builds up and layers on their face. It also surrounds their faces.

Moreover, if the hair around Shih Tzu stays wet, it may cause bacteria and cause the smell. Now you would be thinking of a solution! Take a warm damp cloth and wipe their eyes daily.

How simple is it, right? If your dog smells first, you need to find out why, visit the vet, and follow the treatments he suggests!

It’s normal for some dogs that their eyes smell bad due to excessive tearing. It will indeed cause Shih Tzu to smell. Some might consider it bad breath, but it will come from their eyes.

Tears and gunk contain water, oils, saline, mucus, and meibum from fatty tissue. If this sits on their face, it will develop a foul odor.

It does cause tearing, but if the hair on the dog is wet more often, bacteria will automatically be generated. With the classic discoloration of hair, the dog will smell foul.

Their tears can be wiped using hypoallergenic facial wipes or fragrance-free baby wipes. She shall do inspections for the whole day. It is the best day to make them smell good!

How To Get Rid Of Shih Tzu’s Smelly Face?

How To Get Rid Of Shih Tzu's Smelly Face?
How To Get Rid Of Shih Tzu’s Smelly Face?

There are several ways to get rid of your Shih Tzu smelly face. If your Shih Tzu produces a strong smell, this is not normal. If food is stuck in your Shih Tzu’s beard, you just need to wipe their face after every meal with a damp towel or washcloth.

You can use scent-free baby wipes to wipe the excessive food on their beard. It could be the leading cause of why your Shih Tzu smells terrible.

c can hide the food particles behind their hair. Then it depends on the food ingredients; it may cause severe odor. When the water wet their hair and cannot dry them, c can drive bacteria there, making them smell bad.

You just need to dry their hair with a towel and squeeze them into it. If you feel like long hair can be set aside with a tie or a bow until the wet strands air dry.

Why Do Shih Tzu’s Paws Smell?

Even the healthiest Shih Tzu can have bacteria gathered in their paws. They have trillions of fungi and bacteria. If your dog’s paws smell like corn chips or yeast, it is ordinarily harmless bacteria which are proteus and pseudomonas, present in our environment.

If your Shih Tzu is wearing shoes all day, its paws contact microbes as they walk on different surfaces, and it usually licks its feet. That is a massive example of microbes.

Dogs also sweat through their paws, and the moist environment is perfect for breeding for bacteria and fungi. It is the reason why Shih Tzu’s paws smell.

Now you guys would wonder how you can overcome this smell if you get their groomed feet at home or from a vet. It will eliminate all the sweat that cuts bacterial growth.

Start by washing their paws with shampoo and ensuring they are rinsed and dried. You can also use your thumbs to separate the paw pads and carefully cut their nails.

Wrap up: Do Shih Tzu’s Smell?

As I have mentioned above, the following queries regarding Shih Tzu. They get a bit smelly, but they can get better with your effort. Shih Tzu has long hair like all other dogs, so I must groom your dog more often. Also, you need to visit the vet for other health issues.

It is straightforward for Shih Tzu to get rid of the smell. You just need to cut their hair short from the face and wipe their eyes when they get teary. If you do these things regularly, your Shih Tzu will never get stinky and will smell fresh.

In reality, Shih Tzu doesn’t smell bad, but if they do, there’s something problematic. So if you are wondering if they smell bad, you need to get them checked.

Shih Tzu has dry skin, and this may cause some diseases to take place. If you follow all the steps to groom them, this is going to make them non-smelly.

Dogs do groom themselves, but you need to keep an eye on them as they cannot groom themselves properly. You also need to put some effort into grooming your dogs.

I am summarizing it all. There are a lot of reasons why your Shih Tzu is getting stinky. It comes in a massive range, from underlying health issues to skin and even eye issues.

Consider going to the vet when in doubt and add additional products to keep your Shih Tzu smell-free. Now it’s all up to you how you analyze if your dog is stinky and how you would overcome this!

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