4 Things I Wish I Knew About My Malshi Puppy!

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Introducing Supreme, the adorable Maltese Shih Tzu mix who’s stealing hearts everywhere! If you’re considering bringing a Malshi puppy into your life, here are four things I wish I knew before getting my own furry friend.

Firstly, Supreme is a picky eater! Unlike some dogs who’ll devour anything in sight, Supreme has discerning taste buds. I never knew a dog could be so selective about their food, but Supreme definitely is. It took some trial and error to find the right food that agrees with his sensitive stomach.

Secondly, Supreme needs the right puppy food for his delicate tummy. These pups have sensitive stomachs, so the wrong food can lead to messy situations, literally! Investing in high-quality, breed-specific puppy food made a world of difference for Supreme’s digestion.

Thirdly, Supreme has a huge personality packed into his tiny frame. He’s independent yet affectionate, with a playful streak that keeps us endlessly entertained. From entertaining himself during my makeup routine to demanding attention with his adorable antics, Supreme knows how to steal the spotlight.

Lastly, Supreme is high maintenance! Keeping up with his grooming needs, including regular baths, nail trims, and tear stain cleaning, is essential to keep him looking and feeling his best. It’s a labor of love, but seeing him happy and healthy makes it all worth it.

Despite the challenges, bringing Supreme into my life has been incredibly rewarding. His boundless energy, affection, and unique personality make every moment spent with him a joy. If you’re considering adding a Malshi puppy to your family, just know that they’ll bring endless love, laughter, and maybe a little bit of mischief into your life!

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