Izzie’s Journey the Rescued Shih Tzu

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Izzie’s story is one of resilience and companionship. Unlike many senior dogs who find themselves in rescue, Izzie arrived with his beloved brother Blue. Despite their age, the pair shared an unbreakable bond that endured until Blue’s recent passing.

Adjusting to Change

Despite facing significant challenges, Izzie has shown remarkable resilience. Despite losing his sight due to retinal detachments, he has adapted well and remains cheerful and spirited. He enjoys exploring the yard and receiving affection from those around him.

Special Care Requirements

While Izzie may require some extra care due to his vision loss and dry eye condition, he is otherwise healthy and strong. He thrives in environments where he can receive ample attention and has access to a yard for leisurely strolls.

Conclusion: A Loving Companion

Izzie may have faced adversity, but his indomitable spirit and loving nature make him a wonderful companion for the right person. With the love and support of a caring owner, Izzie is sure to bring joy and companionship into their life, just as he did with his beloved brother Blue.


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