15 Important Facts About SHIH TZU 

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Hello, pet enthusiasts! Today, we explore the enchanting world of Shih Tzus, these small yet mighty companions known for their regal appearance and affectionate personalities. Hosted by Animal Digest, the video presents a wealth of insights for both new and prospective Shih Tzu owners.

Big Attitude in a Small Package: Despite their diminutive size, Shih Tzus boast a big attitude. Bred for centuries, not only for their appearance but also for exceptional companionship, they’ve become cherished family members.

Ideal Companions: Shih Tzus are not your typical fetch enthusiasts. Their idea of fun involves unwinding on the couch, showcasing their preference for companionship over strenuous activities.

Ranking in Popularity: In 2020, the American Kennel Club ranked Shih Tzus as the 20th most popular dog breed out of 195. Their enduring charm continues to win hearts worldwide.

The video further delves into 15 crucial facts for prospective Shih Tzu owners:

Not as Chatty: Contrary to other toy breeds, Shih Tzus are generally quiet, barking only when attention is needed or to signal something amiss.

Desirable Personalities: Known for their sweet and devoted nature, Shih Tzus make intelligent, friendly, and loyal companions, perfect for families.

Renowned Lap Dogs: Originating as companion dogs for Chinese emperors, Shih Tzus excel as lap dogs, offering cuddly affection to their owners.

Good Watchdogs: While not guard dogs, Shih Tzus make excellent watchdogs, alerting owners to approaching strangers with their attentive nature.

Stubbornness and Training: Adorable yet stubborn, Shih Tzus require patient and consistent obedience training to avoid behavioral issues.

Notoriously Difficult to Housebreak: Housebreaking Shih Tzus can be challenging due to their independent nature, emphasizing the need for consistent training.

Stunning and Athletic: Beyond their stylish appearance, Shih Tzus possess athleticism, excelling in agility competitions and surprising many with their capabilities.

Various Names: Known as “lion dogs” in Chinese, Shih Tzus are nicknamed “chrysanthemum-faced dogs” in England, reflecting their distinctive facial hair.

Beautiful Coats: Shih Tzus flaunt long, silky coats in various colors. Regular grooming is essential for maintaining their distinctive appearance.

Grooming High Maintenance: With their double coats, Shih Tzus require regular brushing, bathing, and grooming, making their upkeep high maintenance.

Susceptible to Heat Exhaustion: Due to their short noses, Shih Tzus are prone to heat exhaustion, requiring cool environments and care in hot climates.

Regular Health Checks: Regular veterinary check-ups are crucial for Shih Tzus, addressing potential breathing, ear, and eye issues associated with the breed.

Once on the Verge of Extinction: The video concludes with a historical note – Shih Tzus were on the brink of extinction during China’s communist revolution. Diligent breeding efforts saved the breed, tracing back to a group of 14 dogs.

In summary, Shih Tzus are not just lap dogs; they are a testament to resilience and companionship. If you’re considering adding one to your family, understanding these 15 facts is a great start. Don’t forget to like, subscribe, and share the video for more insightful content!

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