Abused Shih Tzu Gets Rescued

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Ireland, a nation of animal lovers, boasts nearly half of its households owning a dog. While these furry companions provide unwavering loyalty and companionship, not all dogs are reciprocated with the love they deserve. To understand more about our canine friends, Andrea decided to volunteer at Dogs Trust, based in Finglas, North Dublin, Ireland’s largest dog welfare charity.

Andrea is introduced to the passionate team of canine carers at Dogs Trust, who work tirelessly to re-home up to 800 dogs annually. The organization not only focuses on re-homing but also strives to prevent dogs from ending up in shelters through veterinary campaigns, education, and lobbying for improved animal welfare legislation.

Andrea gets a glimpse into the daily life of the center, where she witnesses the challenges faced by stray and abandoned dogs. Heartbreaking stories unfold, including the abandonment of a Jack Russell captured on CCTV. The team at Dogs Trust is determined to provide a second chance for these dogs, rescuing them from pounds and ensuring they receive the care they deserve.

With over 200 dogs on-site at any given time, Dogs Trust works relentlessly to rehabilitate and re-home these animals. Andrea learns about the unique challenges faced by dogs, like Skittles, a former breeding dog in poor health. Skittles finds refuge in the maternity unit, receiving expert care to ensure her safety and comfort during pregnancy.

Ian, a dedicated canine carer, showcases the process of collecting dogs from pounds. The dog ambulance, equipped with kennels, air conditioning, and heating, helps transport dogs safely to Dogs Trust. The organization plays a crucial role in reducing the number of dogs put to sleep in Irish pounds, ensuring they get a second chance at life.

The contributions of volunteers, like Laundry Liz, play a vital role in maintaining the center’s cleanliness and organization. Laundry Liz shares the challenges and rewards of volunteering, emphasizing the importance of teamwork and dedication to the cause.

The culmination of Dogs Trust’s efforts is adoption day, where families eagerly welcome their new furry friends. Andrea witnesses the joy of families finding their perfect match, like Alex, the Jack Russell, leaving for his forever home. The bittersweet moment is a testament to the success of Dogs Trust in providing loving homes for rescued dogs.

Skittles, the rescued Shih Tzu, undergoes a remarkable transformation, from a neglected state to becoming a model dog for a charity event. Vogue Williams sponsors a skydive to raise funds for Dogs Trust, and Skittles steals the spotlight as a symbol of resilience and recovery.

Dogs Trust’s commitment to rescuing, rehabilitating, and re-homing dogs is evident in the uplifting stories witnessed by Andrea Hayes during her volunteering experience. From neglected dogs finding loving homes to the dedication of the team at Dogs Trust, this journey showcases the remarkable impact of compassion and care on man’s best friend.

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