How to cut around a Shih Tzu’s Eyes properly!

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This is Muttley, and in his last groom, there was excess bulk above his ears. Today, we’ll give him a nice round Shih Tzu face and even up his ears.

I’ll start with my wall snap-on comb, using an A tip and a 10 blade. I’ll go over the head and stop at the ear set. Then, I’ll lift the ear, clip everything from below the jaw up to the eye. This sets the length on the cheeks.

Moving to the chin, I’ll follow the same length, creating a tidy look. Venting the ears involves trimming just off the earlobe. Using a 15 blade, I’ll clear in front of his eye in an inverted V shape.

For scissor finishing work, I’ll use a Kenji lightning thinning shear. Defining an inverted V shape, I’ll trim towards the nose. Tidying the visor involves trimming with a slight bang. I’ll shape from the base of the ear around to the nose using a straight shear.

For ear shaping, I’ll mark the desired length in front and connect the line. Using blending shears, I’ll refine the edge. The final step involves shaping the remaining ear length, ensuring evenness.

Remember, grooming is an art, and these tips will help you create a masterpiece for your Shih Tzu. If you’re new, subscribe and ring the bell for more grooming insights. Meet Muttley, a rescue Shih Tzu, looking fabulous!

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