Fostering a Shih Tzu Rescue Dog With One Eye

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In the heart of a challenging year, Shelley found solace in the idea of bringing joy back into her family’s home. Little did she know, this journey would lead to the heartwarming tale of Sadie, a one-eyed Shih Tzu in need of love and care.

Initially hesitant about fostering, Shelley’s journey began with the desire to adopt a dog outright. However, fate had other plans, leading her to Sadie, who stole her heart from the moment she saw her picture. Despite Sadie’s challenging past and special needs, Shelley felt an instant connection and knew she belonged with them.

The emotional meeting with Sadie and her dedicated rescue volunteer marked the beginning of a new chapter filled with love and compassion. Despite Sadie’s initial fear and uncertainty, Shelley and her husband Robin embarked on their journey as first-time foster parents with open hearts and eager anticipation.

As they drove Sadie home, the atmosphere was filled with a mix of emotions – excitement, nervousness, and overwhelming love. Shelley’s heart went out to Sadie as she trembled with uncertainty, but she was determined to provide the comfort and security she deserved.

The journey ahead promises to be filled with challenges and heartwarming moments as Sadie adjusts to her new home and begins her path to healing. Part 1 of their fostering journey leaves us eagerly anticipating the next chapter, where we’ll witness Sadie’s first steps into her new life with Shelley, Robin, and their family.


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