Chocolate Shih Tzu Giving Birth to 3 Puppies – How to help a Shih Tzu give birth

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In a heartwarming and educational video, witness the incredible journey of a Chocolate Shih Tzu named Coco as she gives birth to three precious puppies. This invaluable documentation not only captures the beauty of new life but also serves as a guide on how to assist a Shih Tzu during labor.

As the video unfolds, Coco, affectionately called “big girl,” enters the first stage of labor. The narrator details the signs of labor, from panting to pushing, providing a real-time account of Coco’s progress. The attentive owner diligently monitors Coco’s temperature and shares insights into the expected timeframe of the birthing process.

Viewers are offered a glimpse into Coco’s birthing setup, complete with an EZ whelp box, heating pads, and necessary tools for handling the delivery. The video emphasizes the significance of being prepared for any unexpected complications, underlining the importance of veterinary assistance if needed.

The emotional narration guides us through each stage, highlighting Coco’s patience and trust in her human companions. The arrival of each puppy is a moment of celebration, marked by the owner’s gentle assistance in cutting cords and ensuring the well-being of both mother and newborns.

Educational snippets are seamlessly woven into the narrative, such as the explanation of colostrum’s vital role in a puppy’s immune system during the first 24 hours. Practical tips on weighing the puppies and keeping meticulous records for their health add a layer of valuable information for aspiring Shih Tzu parents.

The journey concludes with Coco, the devoted mother, nursing her adorable offspring. This heartening video not only captures the essence of life’s miracles but also serves as a compassionate guide for those venturing into the world of Shih Tzu breeding and caregiving.


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