9 Perfect Gifts for Shih Tzu Lovers That'll Make Their Tails Wag

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Just as Odysseus found joy returning to his loyal companion, Argos, after his long journey, you might find equal delight in bringing a smile to the face of a Shih Tzu enthusiast in your life.

In the world of dog lovers, few breeds inspire the adoration that Shih Tzus do, with their affectionate nature and distinctive lion’s mane. You’re likely seeking gifts that reflect the charm and personality of these furry friends.

From cozy home accents to fashion statements that shout their love for this breed from the rooftops, the perfect present awaits. As you consider options that range from practical to whimsical, keep in mind the unique bond between a Shih Tzu and their human.

Stay with us as we explore a selection of gifts that promise to celebrate that connection in the most delightful ways.

2024 Shih Tzu Puppies Monthly Wall Calendar (12 x 12 Inch)

Are you searching for the perfect gift for a Shih Tzu enthusiast? The 2024 Shih Tzu Puppies Monthly Wall Calendar is a charming choice that combines practicality with the love for this adorable breed.

Crafted by Bright Day, this 12 x 12-inch calendar isn’t only a delightful showcase of cute Shih Tzu puppies, known as the Chrysanthemum Dog, but it’s also great for keeping track of important dates and events. You’ll be organizing your schedule alongside images of these small, toy breed pups with their beautiful, long fur.

It’s the ideal present for anyone who adores Shih Tzus, whether they’re a seasoned dog show attendee or just love the breed’s friendly nature. Plus, with plenty of space to jot down notes, it’s as functional as it’s cute!

Best For: Shih Tzu enthusiasts who enjoy organizing their schedule with a touch of cuteness from their favorite breed.


  • Each month features adorable Shih Tzu puppy images, perfect for dog lovers.
  • The calendar provides ample space for writing notes, making it practical for planning and reminders.
  • High customer satisfaction, indicating quality and reliability of the product.


  • The calendar is breed-specific, which mightn’t appeal to those who prefer a variety of dog breeds or other types of pets.

CHALA Cross-Body Bags

If you’re searching for the perfect gift for a Shih Tzu enthusiast who appreciates both fashion and function, the CHALA Cross-Body Bag with its adorable design and practical features might just be the ideal choice. This versatile purse easily converts to a clutch, purse, or crossbody bag with an adjustable strap, ensuring comfort and style. The top zipper closure keeps items secure, while the patterned fabric lining adds a charming touch.

Despite being smaller than expected, customers rave about its excellent quality and just-right size for essentials like phones, cards, and keys. With extra padding to protect cellphones and faux leather material in a classy burgundy color, this bag scores high on durability and style. It’s a hit with all ages, from trendy teens to discerning adults, who adore its unique design and practicality.

Best For: Fashion-savvy Shih Tzu lovers looking for a cute and compact bag that serves multiple functions.


  • Versatile design allows for use as a clutch, purse, or crossbody bag.
  • High-quality materials and construction with extra padding for phone protection.
  • Fashionable and functional with a secure top zipper and adjustable strap.


  • Smaller than expected, may not fit all essential items comfortably.

Shih Tzu Resin Christmas Stocking Ornament with Hand Painted Detail

For the Shih Tzu enthusiast in your life, the hand-painted details on the Shih Tzu Resin Christmas Stocking Ornament make it a charming and unique holiday keepsake. This ornament features a realistic-looking Shih Tzu nestled in a soft felt stocking, with each piece painted by hand to capture the breed’s adorable features. Its durability ensures it’ll maintain its appearance for many Christmases to come, making it a perfect addition to any holiday decor.

Customers rave about how the ornament adds a personal touch to their tree, with many saying it looks just like their own furry friend. It’s a thoughtful stocking stuffer or a special heirloom to pass down. Plus, it comes with a ribbon attached, so you can easily hang it up and let your pet be part of the celebration.

Best For: Shih Tzu lovers looking for a special ornament that celebrates their favorite breed during the holiday season.


  • Each ornament is uniquely hand-painted, ensuring a one-of-a-kind piece for your Christmas decor.
  • Comes with a soft felt stocking and ribbon for easy hanging, making it both a practical and festive choice.
  • Durable construction means this ornament can become a treasured heirloom that lasts for years.


  • The ornament’s small size may not stand out amidst larger decorations on the tree.

Comfies womens French

Shih Tzu enthusiasts seeking a cozy touch of canine charm to their loungewear will adore the Comfies women’s French slippers, renowned for their warmth and Schnauzer-inspired design. You’ll love the lightweight feel of these slippers, praised for their softness and cuddliness. They’re perfect for keeping your feet warm without overheating, thanks to the plush but not overly thick interior. Plus, the non-slip bottoms make them great for tiled surfaces, ensuring you can lounge safely around the house.

While they showcase a delightful chiweenie print, they remain a top pick for dog lovers of all kinds. They’re easy to wash and stand up well to regular cleaning, which is ideal for gifts. Just remember, they’re strictly house slippers, so keep the outdoor adventures for the Shih Tzus in your life.

Best For: Dog lovers looking for a cozy, canine-themed addition to their indoor attire.


  • Exceptionally soft and comfortable for indoor use.
  • Easy to clean and maintain, with a durable design that withstands washing.
  • Non-slip bottoms provide safety on slick floors.


  • Not suitable for outdoor wear.

3dRose Shih Tzu Sleeping Best Friend Ceramic Mug

Perfect for the Shih Tzu enthusiast in your life, the 3dRose Shih Tzu Sleeping Best Friend Ceramic Mug combines functionality with a loving tribute to their furry friend.

This 11 oz white ceramic mug with a sleek black interior and handle features an adorable Shih Tzu image printed on both sides, making it a heartwarming piece for any occasion.

It’s microwave safe, and while you can machine wash it, hand washing is recommended to preserve the image. The mug’s round shape and comfortable handle make it a joy to hold, perfect for enjoying hot drinks.

Customers have praised the mug’s cuteness and durability, though some advise treating the handle with care.

It’s a thoughtful gift that’ll surely bring a smile to any Shih Tzu lover’s face.

Best For: Shih Tzu owners or dog enthusiasts who appreciate themed kitchenware that adds a personal touch to their home.


  • Adorable Shih Tzu design printed on both sides.
  • Microwave safe and offers hand-wash to preserve the image.
  • Comfortable handle suitable for various hand sizes.


  • Handle may require careful handling to avoid breaking.

Shih Tzu Dog Cosmetic Bag for Shih Tzu Lovers

If you’re searching for a charming and practical present to delight a Shih Tzu enthusiast, the JNIAP Shih Tzu Dog Cosmetic Bag blends functionality with a love for their furry friend. This pet dog-themed canvas bag isn’t just for show; it’s a multifunctional pouch that can be used as a makeup bag, electronic accessories organizer, or for storing sundries during travel or at home. It’s made from water-resistant, strong, and durable canvas, ensuring it stands the test of time and use.

The bag’s dimensions of 7.48” x 6.49” x 1.77” provide ample space for makeup, stationery, jewelry, and other essentials. Weighing just 0.705 ounces, it’s lightweight and portable, perfect for on-the-go use. With overwhelmingly positive reviews, it’s clear that Shih Tzu lovers appreciate its utility and adorable design.

Best For: Shih Tzu owners and dog lovers looking for a cute and practical cosmetic bag that celebrates their favorite breed.


  • Multifunctional with usage as a makeup bag, electronics organizer, or for other storage needs.
  • Made of water-resistant, strong, and durable canvas material.
  • Lightweight and portable design, suitable for travel and everyday use.


  • Limited to Shih Tzu design, which may not appeal to everyone.

Shih Tzu SERENGETI Insulated Stainless Steel Tumbler (16 Oz.) with Spill Proof Lid

Celebrating your love for these adorable dogs, the SERENGETI Insulated Stainless Steel Tumbler not only showcases your Shih Tzu pride but also ensures your drinks stay at the perfect temperature with its double-wall insulation. This 16 oz. tumbler, featuring a high gloss finish with 3D German printing technology, offers both style and function. The spill-proof slider top lid and high-quality silicone seal mean you don’t have to worry about leaks or spills, while the No Sweat Design keeps your hands dry.

You’ll appreciate the solid construction and durable finish that won’t fade or crack. Plus, it’s BPA free and designed for an easy grip, making it the perfect gift for any Shih Tzu enthusiast to enjoy their favorite hot or cold beverages.

Best For: Shih Tzu lovers and pet enthusiasts who appreciate practicality combined with a personalized touch in their drinkware.


  • Double wall insulation maintains beverage temperature for extended periods.
  • Spill-proof slider top lid and silicone seal enhance portability and minimize accidents.
  • Durable construction and fade-resistant finish ensure long-lasting use.


  • Some users report difficulty drinking due to a vacuum effect when lid is closed.

Foozys Canine Dog Breed Novelty Crew Socks (2 Pair)

For Shih Tzu enthusiasts seeking a cozy and personalized touch to their wardrobe, the Foozys Canine Dog Breed Novelty Crew Socks offer an adorable and comfortable way to showcase their love for their favorite breed. You’ll find these socks aren’t just cute; they’re soft, thick, and good quality, ensuring you get great value for your money. They arrive quickly and feature clear, cute designs of dogs that will make you feel good wearing them.

Plus, with a variety of other animal designs available, they’re perfect for any pet lover looking for a small gift or stocking stuffer. While most users are delighted, noting the socks’ comfort and fit, a few have raised concerns about durability. Yet, for the sentimental value they provide, especially for those cherishing memories of beloved pets, these socks are a heartfelt choice.

Best For: Dog lovers looking to celebrate their favorite breed with cozy and charming footwear.


  • Soft, comfortable material with a clear and adorable breed-specific design.
  • Reasonably priced with a good value for the quality provided.
  • Ideal as a personalized gift or stocking stuffer for pet enthusiasts.


  • Some users have reported durability issues after a few wears.

MICASA Shih Tzu 2024 Monthly Wall Calendar

Shih Tzu enthusiasts will adore the MICASA Shih Tzu 2024 Hangable Monthly Wall Calendar, with its charming puppy imagery and inspiring quotes perfect for brightening up any space. At 12 x 24 inches when open, it’s the ideal size to keep track of important dates while enjoying the adorable Shih Tzu puppies in various poses. Each month is complemented by a quote from notable dog lovers, setting the tone for a pawsitive day.

You’ll appreciate the calendar’s quality, from the thick, sturdy paper that resists curling to the heavy staples and durable hanging hole. It includes all major U.S. and Canadian holidays, plus a handy 2-page layout for the last two months of 2023, making it a practical tool for planning. It’s not just a calendar; it’s a piece of joy that also helps you stay organized. And with recyclable paper, it’s as kind to the environment as it’s to your heart.

Best For:

Dog lovers and specifically Shih Tzu enthusiasts who enjoy combining organization with the joy of seeing adorable pets every day.


  • High-quality paper and construction ensure durability throughout the year.
  • The inclusion of quotes from dog lovers adds a unique and inspiring touch to each month.
  • The calendar is designed to be both functional and decorative, suitable for various spaces.


  • The specific theme mightn’t appeal to those who aren’t fond of Shih Tzus or pets.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Shih Tzu Gifts

choosing shih tzu themed presents

When picking out a present for Shih Tzu enthusiasts, you’ve got to keep in mind their unique tastes. Ensure the gift reflects the charming quirks of the breed, and consider if it’s something they’ll actually use and appreciate.

It’s also crucial to check that your choice boasts high quality and has a visual charm that’ll catch their eye.

Gift Personalization Options

Personalizing your gift with a Shih Tzu enthusiast in mind can transform a simple present into a cherished keepsake. When you’re selecting a gift, consider adding a personal touch like their name, a heartfelt message, or a date that holds special significance. Opt for customized designs and colors that match the recipient’s personal style.

The choice of materials is equally important – think engraved wood, embossed leather, or hand-painted details to elevate the luxury of your gift.

Pick a theme that resonates with their passions or includes a nod to their furry friend. And don’t forget, tailoring the gift to fit their lifestyle adds a thoughtful layer—whether it’s a practical item for daily use or a decorative piece to enhance their living space.

Breed-Specific Appeal

Consider the distinct elegance of the Shih Tzu’s long, flowing fur and charming demeanor when selecting breed-specific gifts that will truly resonate with enthusiasts.

As you hunt for the perfect present, remember the breed’s iconic stature and the sense of pride Shih Tzu owners take in their pet’s unique beauty. Breed-specific items like calendars featuring poised Shih Tzus or bags emblazoned with their likeness aren’t just practical; they’re a nod to the owner’s personal connection with the breed.

Opt for ornaments that capture the Shih Tzu’s delightful spirit, providing a daily reminder of their furry friend. By focusing on the breed’s unique characteristics, you’ll ensure your gift is both meaningful and cherished.

Practicality and Usefulness

Selecting a Shih Tzu-themed gift that’s both practical and useful ensures it’ll become a staple in the recipient’s daily life. When you’re choosing a gift, think about how it’ll fit into their everyday routine. Opt for items that not only celebrate their love for Shih Tzus, but also help with organization, like a Shih Tzu calendar or a stylish pouch for on-the-go essentials.

Gifts that track important dates, store personal items, or simply make daily tasks easier can be incredibly valuable. Look for quality, durability, and versatility to ensure the gift isn’t just a novelty but a long-lasting treasure.

Quality and Durability

While practicality ensures a gift’s place in the daily grind, focusing on quality and durability guarantees your Shih Tzu-themed present withstands the test of time. You’ll want to pick items that boast sturdy materials and solid construction, so they can handle being cherished day in and day out.

High-quality gifts aren’t just eye-catching; they’re crafted to resist wear and tear, promising a longer lifespan. Look for signs of durability like robust stitching, heavy-duty staples, and premium ink that won’t fade quickly.

Visual Appeal

When choosing a gift for a Shih Tzu enthusiast, the visual appeal should capture the charm of this beloved breed through adorable designs and pleasing aesthetics. Look for items that feature high-quality images or illustrations of Shih Tzus that are both cute and well-executed. Pay attention to the color schemes and make sure the overall aesthetic is visually pleasing and suits the taste of Shih Tzu lovers.

Opt for gifts with clean layouts, like calendars that boast ample white space and clear designs, enhancing readability and enjoyment. Aim for items that depict the Shih Tzu in a charming and endearing way, ensuring they evoke delight and warmth, making the perfect gift for any Shih Tzu admirer.

Size and Portability

Considering the petite nature of Shih Tzus, it’s essential to choose gifts that are compact and easy to carry, ensuring they mirror the convenience of traveling with the breed itself. When selecting a present, pay close attention to the dimensions and weight. This is particularly important if the gift is intended for use on the go or in daily activities.

Remember, portability is a critical element—it determines how practical and convenient the gift will be for the recipient. Opt for compact and lightweight options that Shih Tzu enthusiasts will find handy, whether they’re at home, in the office, or on the move.

Always assess how suitable a gift is for different environments, keeping its size and ease of transport in mind.

Sentimental Value

Tapping into the emotional bond between a Shih Tzu lover and their cherished pet, gifts with sentimental value can become treasured keepsakes that resonate with their heart. When you’re hunting for that perfect present, consider the unique relationship the recipient has with their furry friend. Look for items that might evoke personal memories or celebrate milestones shared with their Shih Tzu.

Keep in mind that sentimental value is deeply personal. It’s tied to specific feelings and experiences. So, a custom portrait of their pet, a paw print kit, or even a personalized charm bracelet featuring their Shih Tzu’s likeness can hold immeasurable emotional worth. These thoughtful gifts aren’t just objects; they’re physical symbols of love, companionship, and the special moments only they understand.


So, you’ve found the perfect picks for the Shih Tzu enthusiast in your life!

Whether it’s a charming wall calendar to track their pooch’s playdates, a stylish cross-body bag for outings, or a cozy mug for their morning coffee, these gifts are sure to delight.

Remember, it’s all about celebrating the bond they share with their furry friend. Choose with love, and you can’t go wrong – their Shih Tzu and their heart will thank you!


I am the owner of Shihtzuadvice.com and the proud parent of two black and one gold Shih Tzu's. I belive that the Shih Tzu is the best all-around dog for anyone and want to share with you as much valuable knowledge as possible about this great breed!

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