‘Neglected’ Shih Tzu thrown over fence at South Florida animal rescue

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In a heartbreaking turn of events, a Shih Tzu was discovered in Boca Raton, left for dead, and barely able to walk on its own. The distressing video captured at the TriCounty Animal Rescue reveals the extent of the neglect this poor dog endured for years. Covered in matted hair infested with maggots, the small dog cowered, unable to stand properly.

The dedicated staff at TriCounty Animal Rescue worked tirelessly to remove the matted hair, only to uncover severe injuries all over the dog’s body. The canine was immediately anesthetized, started on intravenous fluids, and the team is doing everything in their power to save its life. The video is difficult to watch, serving as a stark reminder of the cruelty animals can face.

Law enforcement, represented by the Sheriff’s Office, is actively investigating this case and seeking the person responsible for such horrendous neglect. Viewers are urged to provide any information that could aid the investigation by contacting TriCounty Crimestoppers.

As the Shih Tzu named Parker fights for survival, the hope remains that she pulls through, demonstrating the resilience and strength that many abused animals exhibit when given the chance at a new and caring life.


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