Little Shih Tzu had Diarrhea

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In this blog post, we delve into Kika’s recent bout of diarrhea and how we managed to ease her discomfort and restore her health with some simple home remedies and tender loving care.

A Day in the Life of Kika: Battling Tummy Woes

Join us as we recount Kika’s challenging day, filled with frequent potty breaks, soft stools, and tummy aches. Despite her discomfort, Kika trooped on with resilience, showing us the importance of being attentive to our furry friends‘ needs.

Home Remedies and TLC

Discover the power of pumpkin paste, sweet potato treats, and plenty of love and rest in alleviating Kika’s symptoms and restoring her digestive health. With a few tricks up our sleeves and a lot of patience, we were able to nurse Kika back to her playful and energetic self in no time.


In conclusion, Kika’s journey through doggie diarrhea serves as a reminder of the importance of proactive care and quick action when our pets face health challenges. By leveraging simple home remedies and showering our furry companions with affection, we can ensure their well-being and happiness, even in the face of tummy troubles. Here’s to Kika and all the other resilient pups out there, teaching us valuable lessons in love and care every day.


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