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Starting around 9:00 a.m., CocoBaby is barely awake and irresistibly cute. The grooming adventure begins with a bath using oatmeal shampoo, diluted for the sensitive pup’s comfort.

The video captures every step of the process, showcasing the use of Blueberry Facial shampoo for Mikki’s face, ensuring a tearless and brightening experience. With a soothing soundtrack, Mikki’s little moments unfold, from removing burrs with a Chris Christensen brush to the meticulous drying process.

As the grooming session progresses, CocoBaby’s coat reveals its ever-changing colors, adding to the charm. The skilled groomer pays attention to every detail, using curved scissors and thinning shears to create a perfectly balanced look. From sanitary trims to paw pad grooming, the video is a comprehensive guide for Shih Tzu enthusiasts.

CocoBaby’s cooperative demeanor throughout the grooming session is commendable, making it a pleasant experience for both the groomer and the pup. The video concludes with a well-deserved nap, showcasing the trust and bond between CocoBaby and the skilled groomer. This 30-minute journey encapsulates the artistry and care involved in grooming a Shih Tzu from puppyhood to young adulthood.


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