Chase Finds a New Home: A Heartwarming Shih Tzu Adoption Story

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After receiving numerous adoption applications for our beloved pup Chase, one couple stood out as the ideal fit. Traveling a considerable distance to meet him, it was clear that they were destined to be Chase’s new family.

A New Beginning:

Chase’s adoption marks the start of a beautiful journey for him and his new family. With plenty of love and happy days ahead, we couldn’t be happier for our furry friend as he embarks on this exciting chapter of his life.

About Shih Tzu Rescue:

Shih Tzu Rescue, located in South Florida, is a dedicated no-kill rescue and sanctuary committed to saving dogs of all breeds. Our mission is to find forever homes for the dogs in our care, ensuring they receive the love and care they deserve.


Chase’s adoption is a heartwarming reminder of the joy that comes from finding the perfect match between a pet and their forever family. As we bid farewell to Chase, we look forward to helping more dogs find their happily ever after.


Hey there! I've been with Shihtzuadvice.com for almost a year now, and as a pet lover with five rescued dogs and five rescued cats, I can confidently say that Shih Tzus are the ultimate companions – full of charm, loyalty, and endless love!

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