Borgie’s the Shih Tzu DIY Grooming Adventure

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In this cute and funny video snippet, Borgie’s grooming session takes an unexpected turn when his owner decides to take matters into their own hands.

Borgie’s Grooming Dilemma

Borgie’s owner notices his untidy appearance and decides it’s time for a trip to the groomer. However, Borgie seems to have other plans as his owner takes on the role of the groomer instead, leading to some amusing moments.

The Grooming Process

With determination and a makeshift grooming kit, Borgie’s owner sets out to tidy up their furry friend. From brushing his coat to adding the final touches, each step brings laughter and endearing moments between Borgie and his owner.


While Borgie may have started off looking untidy, with a little love and DIY grooming, he transforms into a picture-perfect pooch. This heartwarming video reminds us of the joy and bond shared between pets and their owners, even during the simplest of tasks like grooming.


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