6 Best Shih Tzu Beds: Ultimate Comfort for Your Furry Friend

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Nearly 70% of small dog owners, including those with Shih Tzus, report that their canine companions sleep in bed with them at least part of the time, highlighting the importance of a comfortable and dedicated space for your pet’s rest.

As you search for the perfect slumber spot for your Shih Tzu, comfort, support, and design should top your list of considerations. You want a bed that not only suits your dog’s needs but also fits seamlessly into your home decor. From plush calming donuts that ease anxiety to orthopedic beds that support aging joints, the options are vast.

To ensure your furry friend’s utmost comfort, we’ve narrowed down the top six beds that cater to the unique size and preferences of Shih Tzus. Stay tuned to uncover which bed might just become your pup’s new favorite nap spot.

Calming Donut Cuddler Dog Bed for Small to Medium Pets

If your Shih Tzu craves a snug spot to curl up, the Calming Donut Cuddler Dog Bed’s raised rim design offers the perfect embrace for their deep sleep needs. Wrapped in durable faux fur plush and packed with soft PP cotton, it’s both safe and comfortable for your little companion. With sizes tailored to various pet weights, you’ll find one that fits just right. The bed’s non-slip and waterproof bottom means it stays put, even with the most restless of pups.

Customers have raved about its softness and the security the raised edges provide. It’s easy to keep clean since it’s machine washable. Despite some concerns over sizing and space to stretch out, the bed’s cozy depth has won over many furry hearts.

Best For: Pet owners looking for a soft, supportive bed to help soothe and comfort small to medium-sized dogs with a tendency to curl up.


  • Made with soft, durable faux fur and PP cotton for maximum pet comfort and safety.
  • Features a non-slip, waterproof bottom to keep the bed stable and in place.
  • Easy maintenance with machine washability and the ability to fluff up quickly after washing.


  • Some customers reported issues with sizing, finding the bed too small for their pets to spread out.

Hollypet Warm Small-Sized Pet Bed with Pillow (Pink)

Your Shih Tzu’s comfort is assured with the Hollypet Warm Small-Sized Pet Bed, featuring a cozy pillow in a soft pink hue that’s just right for your petite companion. At 22 x 19 x 7 inches, this bed is perfectly sized for most cats and small dogs, ensuring your Shih Tzu has plenty of room to curl up and relax. The pillow, measuring 9 x 8 x 3 inches, is designed to massage your pup’s head and neck, providing a luxurious sleeping experience.

Crafted from short plush fabric with high elastic filling, it’s fluffy and soft, especially after a good shake and pat. Despite its lightweight and fine workmanship, some customers find it too soft for sitting and report that the back cushion doesn’t always stay up. Moreover, while your dog may love the self-heating feature, remember it’s not recommended for long-term use due to cleanliness concerns.

Best For: Comfort-loving small dog breeds and cats who enjoy a warm, plush sleeping environment.


  • Provides a cozy and relaxing environment suitable for most cats and small-sized dogs.
  • Made with soft plush fabric and high elastic filling that becomes fluffier with shaking and patting.
  • Lightweight with precise sewing and robust seams for durability.


  • Too soft for some pets who may require firmer support when sitting.

WESTERN HOME WH Calming Dog & Cat Bed, Fluffy Faux Fur Plush Cushion

For Shih Tzus that adore snuggling into soft spaces, the Western Home WH Calming Dog & Cat Bed’s luxurious faux fur and circular design offer the ultimate comfort and security. This plush cushion is crafted with durable faux fur and filled with super-soft, environmentally friendly PP cotton. It’s designed to relieve your pet’s muscle and joint pain while providing a comforting, secure spot to curl up.

The bed comes in three sizes—20-inch, 24-inch, and 27-inch—so make sure you measure your Shih Tzu before buying to ensure a perfect fit. It even has an anti-slip PVC dot fabric bottom for better stability. When it’s time for cleaning, you’ll find it’s a breeze; the bed is machine washable and should be dried at low heat. Customers rave about its durability and the comfort it provides, making it a top pick for your furry friend’s rest and relaxation.

Best For: Pet owners looking for a cozy and supportive sleeping option for their dogs or cats, especially suitable for breeds like Shih Tzus who enjoy snuggling.


  • Made with luxurious faux fur and environmentally friendly PP cotton for ultimate pet comfort.
  • Available in various sizes with an anti-slip bottom, accommodating different pet sizes and ensuring bed stability.
  • Easy to maintain with machine washability and suitability for low-heat drying.


  • May not be suitable for pets with chewing habits as the material could be damage

Small Calming Dog Bed for Small Dogs, Anti-Anxiety & Machine Washable

Catering to the comfort of your petite pooch, the Small Calming Dog Bed’s anti-anxiety features and machine washable design make it a top-tier choice for Shih Tzu owners. Its orthopedic construction is a boon for dogs with joint pain, while the faux shag fur offers extra warmth and coziness. The anti-slip base ensures the bed stays put, offering a secure space where your furry friend can enjoy a deep and restful sleep.

Customers rave about its durability and the peace it brings to their pets. Its compact size doesn’t take up much room, and it’s a breeze to maintain—just toss it in the wash. Though it’s not suitable for chewers, this bed’s fluffiness and calming effect make it your dog’s go-to relaxation spot.

Best For: Small dog and cat owners looking for a cozy, stress-reducing bed that’s easy to clean and gentle on joints.


  • Anti-anxiety design that offers a secure and calming space for pets
  • Machine washable and waterproof for easy maintenance
  • Orthopedic and fluffy design satisfies pets’ nesting instinct and provides joint support


  • Not suitable for pets that have a habit of chewing

JOEJOY Rectangle Dog Bed, Machine Washable & Orthopedic (Multiple Sizes, Beige)

Designed with a supportive rectangular shape and raised walls, the JOEJOY Rectangle Dog Bed offers orthopedic comfort for Shih Tzus up to 15 lbs, ensuring your petite companion rests in luxury. It’s wrapped in ultra-soft faux fur and cozy suede, which not only keeps your pup warm but also adds a touch of elegance to your home. The bed comes in various sizes, so you can find the perfect fit for your furry friend.

Its non-slip bottom is a lifesaver on slick surfaces, keeping the bed firmly in place. When it’s time to clean, simply toss it in the washing machine for hassle-free maintenance. While it’s well-made and resists hair and odors, some users find the base a bit thin. And if your Shih Tzu loves stretching out, they might need a bit of time to adjust to the new, fluffy confines of their JOEJOY bed.

Best For: Small to medium-sized dogs needing orthopedic support and a cozy, warm sleeping area, especially suited for breeds like Shih Tzus up to 15 lbs.


  • Rectangular shape with raised walls provides excellent orthopedic support for dogs.
  • Ultra-soft faux fur and cozy suede fabric offer luxurious comfort and warmth.
  • Machine washable with a non-slip bottom for easy maintenance and stability.


  • Some customers reported the base to be thin and potentially less comfortable.

Asvin Small Pet Bed for Dogs and Cats, Machine Washable & Water-Resistant (Grey, 20 inches)

If you’re seeking a cozy retreat for your Shih Tzu, the Asvin Small Pet Bed’s soft Sherpa fleece and round design offer the perfect blend of comfort and support. This 20-inch bed caters to small to medium pets, ensuring your furry friend is snug and secure. Its non-slip bottom means the bed stays put, providing stability even when your Shih Tzu gets playful.

Cleaning is a breeze, as this bed is machine washable, allowing you to maintain hygiene effortlessly. Customers rave about its value, sharing stories of cats and dogs alike relishing their new resting spot. Despite its water-resistant feature, consider a tray underneath for those occasional accidents. You’ll find peace of mind knowing your pet’s sleeping area is as resilient as it’s inviting.

Best For: Small to medium-sized pets such as Shih Tzus, cats, and dogs that need a soft, comfortable, and secure spot to rest.


  • Machine washable, making it easy to clean and maintain.
  • Water-resistant material helps protect against spills and accidents.
  • Non-slip bottom provides stability for pets when entering or exiting the bed.


  • Water-resistant feature may not fully contain liquids, possibly requiring additional protection like a tray.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Shih Tzu Beds

choosing shih tzu beds effectively

When picking out a bed for your Shih Tzu, you’ve got to consider size compatibility to ensure they’ve got enough room to stretch out.

You’ll want a bed that offers both comfort and support to keep your pup’s joints cushioned.

Also, pay attention to the material quality and cleaning ease, as you’ll need a bed that stands up to wear and is simple to keep fresh.

Size Compatibility

Ensuring your Shih Tzu’s bed is spacious enough for comfortable movement and rest, you’ll need to consider their weight and size as key factors. It’s not just about the bed fitting in your space—it’s about fitting your pup perfectly.

Look for a design that allows your Shih Tzu the option to stretch out or curl up, depending on their mood. The bed should also provide a snug sense of security, with ample head and neck support for those long, dream-filled naps.

Always choose a bed with a non-slip bottom to keep it in place, preventing any unnecessary slips or shifts that could disturb your pet’s peace. And don’t forget to check the bed’s depth; a cozy, enveloping bed can be a calming sanctuary for your furry friend.

Comfort & Support

Selecting a bed for your Shih Tzu that offers both comfort and support is crucial, as the right choice can alleviate muscle and joint pain while providing a deep, restful sleep. Look for beds with plush materials and high elastic filling like PP cotton that cradle your pet in softness.

Circular designs with raised rims or pillow-like structures not only give your Shih Tzu a comforting hug but also a sense of security that can enhance sleep quality. Orthopedic beds with faux shag fur surfaces are ideal for Shih Tzus with joint issues or arthritis, offering warmth and satisfying their nesting instinct.

Additionally, ensure the bed has a non-slip bottom for stability and safety. Remember, a bed that fits your dog’s size ensures they’ll have enough room to relax comfortably.

Material Quality

Consider the material quality of your Shih Tzu’s bed carefully, as it directly affects both the comfort and durability of your pet’s resting place. High-quality materials provide a soft and plush surface that can make a significant difference in your little friend’s relaxation and sleep quality.

You’ll want fabrics that can endure the day-to-day activities of your Shih Tzu, including any scratching or nesting behaviors they might exhibit.

Opt for beds made from materials that can withstand regular washing without falling apart, as cleanliness is key to your dog’s health. Remember, the longevity of the bed hinges on the material’s durability.

Plus, the right fabric will support your Shih Tzu’s joints and muscles, ensuring a restful snooze after a long day of play.

Cleaning Ease

While you’re checking the material quality for your Shih Tzu’s comfort, don’t forget to assess how easily the bed can be cleaned to keep it fresh and hygienic. You’ll want a bed that’s a breeze to machine wash and dry. Look for options with water-resistant or non-slip bottoms, as they’ll be simpler to maintain.

It’s also wise to read customer reviews focusing on cleaning ease. They’ll give you real-world insights into the bed’s maintenance routine. Pay attention to the bed’s material and design; they’re key factors in determining how effortlessly you can keep it clean.

Lastly, make sure the bed remains durable and maintains its integrity after each wash, ensuring it’s a long-lasting haven for your furry friend.

Bed Stability

Ensuring your Shih Tzu’s bed stays put is essential, so opt for designs with a non-slip bottom to enhance stability and safety. A bed that slides around can unsettle your pet and even lead to injuries.

Look for options with an anti-slip, waterproof bottom. This not only keeps the bed anchored but also protects your floors from any spills or accidents. Additionally, consider a bed with an anti-slip and mute base to keep things quiet as your Shih Tzu moves around.

The ideal choice is a bed featuring an anti-slip PVC dot fabric bottom, offering superior grip and peace of mind. Always check for a non-slip bottom to maintain stability and prevent any potential mishaps.

Design & Aesthetics

After securing a non-slip bed for your Shih Tzu’s safety, it’s equally important to select a design that reflects your style and enhances your home’s ambiance. Consider the variety of shapes, like donut cuddlers, rectangular, or round beds, to match your aesthetic preferences.

Opt for materials such as plush faux fur, short plush fabric, or Sherpa fleece in hues and patterns that complement your decor. Craftsmanship matters, too. Look for beds with strong seams and a fluffy texture that offer visual appeal alongside functionality.

Your pet’s bed should be a cozy, stylish addition to your living space, providing comfort and security. And don’t forget, the size, shape, and color of the bed should seamlessly fit into your home, creating a harmonious environment for you and your furry friend.


When picking the perfect bed for your Shih Tzu, comfort is key.

From the snug embrace of a donut cuddler to the orthopedic support of a rectangle bed, you’ve got options.

Whether you’re drawn to the warmth of a plush cushion or the convenience of a machine-washable surface, prioritize your pup’s needs.

Remember, your furry friend’s ultimate comfort hinges on your choice, so consider their preferences and snag a bed they’ll love curling up in!


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