Abandoned Dog Knows His Owner Won’t Come Back But Still Waits

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In the bustling heart of Seoul, amidst the constant ebb and flow of people, an unusual sight unfolds—a lone dog stationed in front of a small burger place, quietly observing the passing pedestrians. Concerned citizens reveal the dog’s persistent presence over two months, suggesting a poignant tale of abandonment.

The burger place owner, affectionately calling the dog ‘baby,’ shares how the canine, with trimmed hair and a round sparse spot on its back, was found roaming dangerously. Though temporary care was provided, the owner remains elusive.

Despite the ongoing search for the dog’s owner, the resilient canine continues its daily vigil, watching the world go by. An informant discloses the dog’s affection for cars, frequently running towards any with open doors, hinting at a potential connection to the missing owner.

As the dog’s health deteriorates—manifesting symptoms of stress-induced retinitis—efforts intensify to reunite it with its owner. Heartfelt pleas on social media await a response, and two families, hoping to find their lost dogs, express interest.

A hopeful meeting takes place, yet the initial spark dims as the dog’s features don’t align. Undeterred, the search persists, echoing the poignant tale of a loyal canine longing for a reunion. The poignant narrative unfolds in this bustling city, where the dog’s unwavering wait speaks volumes about love, loss, and the enduring hope for a happy ending.


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