5 Things You Must Never Do to Your Shih Tzu Dog

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Embark on a delightful journey into the heart of Shih Tzu ownership with these fascinating insights into the breed. The name “Shih Tzu” translates to “little lion,” though these adorable dogs are more about cuddles than hunting, captivating hearts with their big, fluffy manes.

Originating from ancient times, Shih Tzus have graced the laps of emperors, earning a cherished place in history. As a Shih Tzu owner, there are vital do’s and don’ts to ensure the best outcomes for your furry companion.

Firstly, never neglect grooming, as Shih Tzus require daily care to maintain their coat’s splendor. Regular brushing and baths are essential, and shorter hair around the eyes prevents obstruction.

Avoid pampering your Shih Tzu excessively, as their sweet nature can lead to stubbornness and manipulation. Consistency in training is key to fostering a well-behaved and happy companion.

Regular health checks are crucial, despite the breed’s general health, as Shih Tzus are prone to conditions like hip dysplasia and eye anomalies. Early detection allows prompt intervention.

While Shih Tzus require less exercise due to their size, occasional activity aids mental stability. Toys and short walks suffice, but they excel in agility competitions.

Lastly, never compromise on their nutrition. Opt for high-quality dog food to ensure their energy levels remain optimal. Proper care, a comfortable environment, and nutritious food contribute to a rewarding Shih Tzu ownership experience. Share your Shih Tzu stories in the comments and subscribe for more pet care insights!


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