15 Signs Your Shih Tzu is Saying I Love You in Their Own Way

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Understanding a dog’s emotions can be like deciphering a secret code, leaving us yearning for a glimpse into their hearts. In today’s episode, we unveil 15 heartwarming ways your Shih Tzu expresses their love, often unnoticed but deeply profound.

Your Shih Tzu Follows You: Earned trust manifests as your Shih Tzu shadows your every move, seeking security in your presence.

Wiggles and Tail Wags: A joyful Shih Tzu can’t resist wiggling their bum and wagging their tail, displaying unbridled happiness.

Yawning Back at You: Demonstrating empathy, your Shih Tzu yawns in response, a subtle yet significant sign of their affection.

Licking Your Face: While a tongue bath may not be the most pleasant, excessive face licking reveals your Shih Tzu’s desire to show love and care.

Raising Their Eyebrows: Subtle and endearing, the slight raise of eyebrows signifies a happy Shih Tzu in the presence of their beloved owner.

Jumping Up on You: A playful trait that showcases affection, though it’s wise to manage this behavior as your Shih Tzu matures.

Calm When You Leave, Thrilled When You Return: A composed departure and exuberant return demonstrate trust, love, and an uncontainable excitement upon your homecoming.

Big Puppy Dog Eyes: Expressive eyes reveal the depth of your Shih Tzu’s emotions, particularly the classic puppy dog eyes that melt hearts.

Plenty of Reasons to Play: Initiating play is a clear indicator of a happy Shih Tzu, eager to engage in activities that strengthen your bond.

Rolling Over: Trust and happiness intertwine as your Shih Tzu exposes their belly, inviting you to share moments of joy.

Healthy Appetite: A hearty appetite signals a content and happy Shih Tzu, as a loss of interest in food can indicate underlying issues.

Sticking Their Tongue Out: A relaxed and happy state is portrayed when your Shih Tzu’s tongue playfully pokes out, showcasing their comfort and contentment.

Getting Close to You: Physical closeness, leaning, or pressing against you signifies your Shih Tzu’s eagerness to be as close as possible, a gesture of pure love.

A Healthy Coat: A shiny, well-maintained coat reflects a content and thriving Shih Tzu, as opposed to signs of stress, such as excessive shedding or flaky skin.

Smiling: Yes, dogs can smile! An open and relaxed mouth indicates happiness and affection, making those moments of apparent canine smiles all the more heartwarming.

Sleeps With You: Sharing the bed is an ultimate display of trust and love, as your Shih Tzu wants to be close to their alpha – you.

These subtle yet profound ways your Shih Tzu expresses love remind us of the deep connections we share with our furry companions, creating a tapestry of joy, trust, and boundless affection.


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