12 Things you Should Never do to your Shih Tzu

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Raising a Shih Tzu comes with its challenges, and unintentional mistakes can impact their health and behavior. In this informative video, 12 crucial things to avoid when caring for a Shih Tzu are highlighted.

Pampering your Shih Tzu excessively may lead to stubbornness and manipulative behavior. Training from a young age is essential to ensure they listen and behave appropriately. Neglecting their need for love and attention can result in timid behavior and destructive habits, emphasizing the importance of spending quality time with these companion dogs.

Exposing Shih Tzus to loud noises, such as thunder or fireworks, can induce stress and panic, potentially leading to accidents. Resorting to hitting as a form of punishment is strongly discouraged, as it damages the relationship and instills fear. The video advocates for positive reinforcement training methods.

Other critical points include avoiding leaving your Shih Tzu in a closed car, regular vet visits, gentle leash handling, refraining from giving them bones, maintaining dental hygiene, preventing them from sticking their heads out of car windows, avoiding crate usage as punishment, and responsible waste cleanup during walks.

By steering clear of these mistakes, Shih Tzu owners can provide optimal care and create a happy, healthy environment for their beloved companions.


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