10 Things Your Shih Tzu Hates, Do Not Do These!

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Shih Tzus are known for their friendly and laidback nature. However, certain human actions can upset these sensitive dogs, leading to behavioral problems and a less happy home. Here’s a look at some behaviors to avoid to keep your Shih Tzu content and active.

1. Excessive Hugging

While many dog owners view hugging as a loving gesture, it’s not always appreciated by dogs. Hugs can make Shih Tzus feel restricted or even threatened. It’s important to understand that your affectionate embrace might not be as comforting to them as you think.

2. Lack of Alone Time

Shih Tzus value their independence and need some quiet time. Overwhelming them with constant attention can stress them out. They require their own space to relax and if they don’t get it, they might start disliking their owner.

3. Insufficient Exercise

Despite their small size, Shih Tzus are quite active. They dislike being idle for too long and may express their pent-up energy through destructive behaviors like chewing or excessive barking. Regular walks and playtime are essential.

4. Disruptive Routine Changes

Shih Tzus hate abrupt changes, whether it’s a new walking schedule or moving to a new home. They rely on familiarity and stability. Sudden changes can cause anxiety, stress, and even aggression. It’s important to maintain regular routines and introduce changes gradually.

5. Strong Odors

With their sensitive noses, Shih Tzus are averse to strong smells. Products with potent scents, like cleaning agents, perfumes, or smoke, can make them extremely uncomfortable or even sick. It’s best to use mild or unscented products around them.

6. Forced Feeding

Shih Tzus can be stubborn about their eating habits. Forcing them to eat can make them unhappy and negatively impact their health. Instead, use positive reinforcement techniques like treats or praise to encourage eating.

7. Irregular Sleeping Patterns

Like humans, Shih Tzus have their own sleeping schedules. Forcing them to adapt to your sleep timings can be stressful. Establishing a consistent sleeping routine and creating a comfortable space for them can help.

8. Bathing Anxiety

Some Shih Tzus may feel anxious about baths. If your Shih Tzu is resistant to bathing, consider taking them to a professional groomer for a more comfortable experience.

9. Nail Trimming Dislike

Nail trimming can be a painful and frightening experience for Shih Tzus. They may resist or even show signs of anxiety or fear. It’s important to be gentle and patient during this process.

10. Fear of Heights

Many Shih Tzus prefer staying on the ground and may feel uncomfortable with heights. Forcing them onto high beds or balconies can cause anxiety or potential injury from falls.

Understanding and respecting your Shih Tzu’s dislikes is crucial for a harmonious relationship. For more advice on Shih Tzus, subscribe and visit Shih Tzu Advice on YouTube.


I am the owner of Shihtzuadvice.com and the proud parent of two black and one gold Shih Tzu's. I belive that the Shih Tzu is the best all-around dog for anyone and want to share with you as much valuable knowledge as possible about this great breed!

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