10 Signs that Your Maltese Dog Loves You But You Don’t Know

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Exploring the Subtle Signs of Affection from Your Maltese Companion

Sleeping Habits as a Sign of Devotion

Analyzing your Maltese’s choice to sleep in your bedroom, even if not on the bed itself, reveals insights into their loyalty and desire for proximity, indicating a strong emotional bond.

An Expression of Joy

Observing your Maltese’s excited greetings upon your return home provides a glimpse into their happiness and anticipation at being reunited with you, showcasing the depth of their affection and attachment.

Nurturing Bonds Through Touch

Understanding your Maltese’s inclination towards seeking physical contact, whether through leaning against you or cuddling, unveils their need for closeness and reinforces the emotional connection between you.


By decoding the subtle ways in which your Maltese expresses affection, you can deepen your bond and strengthen your relationship. Through attentive observation and responsive interaction, you can nurture a loving and fulfilling connection with your cherished Maltese companion.


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