A Shih Tzu’s Journey Through Struggle: Bella and Her Puppies

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Bella and her litter of 5 three-week-old puppies were in distress, advertised for sale on an online platform. Determined to save them, we paid the asking price to ensure their safety.

Bella’s Condition

Upon rescue, Bella was severely undernourished, highlighting the dire conditions they were in. Despite her own health struggles, Bella ensured her puppies were healthy and well.

Recovery and Rehoming

Under our care, Bella and her puppies received the love, nourishment, and attention they desperately needed. The puppies were adopted into loving homes where they continue to thrive, while Bella found a forever home with her foster family who couldn’t bear to part with her.

A New Lease on Life

Learning that Bella was merely a year old when she gave birth underscores the importance of rescue efforts. Thanks to our intervention, Bella and her puppies now enjoy happy lives and bright futures they rightfully deserve.

“Bella and her puppies would have had such different lives had we not been able to rescue them.”


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