Malshi Dog TEMPERAMENT (Are Malshis good dogs?)

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Are you in search of a furry companion with a lovable, family-driven, and adorably playful temperament? Look no further than the delightful Malshi, also known as Maltese Shih Tzus. Whether you’re already a dog enthusiast or simply love adorable canines, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of the endearing traits that define our Malshi dogs.

Attachment & Attention Seeking: Our Malshi thrives in a family environment, always happiest when surrounded by loved ones. They’ll eagerly seek attention from family members, ensuring everyone feels included and loved.

Alertness: Our Malshi is keenly aware of their surroundings, whether at home or on walks. Their alert nature stems from a desire to protect their family unit and indulge in playful interactions with other dogs.

Playfulness: With boundless energy and a strong chasing instinct, our Malshi eagerly joins in on any game or activity, making them the perfect playmate for both humans and other pets.

Dog Aggression & Fear: While our Malshi may appear aggressive towards larger or excitable dogs, it’s all bark and no bite. They may growl to assert boundaries but have never initiated a fight.

Energy & Excitability: With a high energy level and moments of hyperactivity, our Malshi loves engaging in playtime and outdoor adventures. However, we manage their excitement to prevent improper behavior during walks.

Non-Social Fear: Despite their adventurous spirit, our Malshi is fearful of unfamiliar noises, seeking comfort from their family during moments of distress.

Owner Aggression & Separation Problems: Our Malshi’s loyalty to the family unit is unwavering, as they’ve never displayed aggression towards their owners. However, they may experience separation anxiety when separated from loved ones for extended periods.

Stranger Aggression & Fear: While protective of their home and family, our Malshi maintains a safe distance from strangers, preferring to observe from afar before warming up to new acquaintances.

Touch Sensitivity & Trainability: Our Malshi adores cuddles but may exhibit sensitivity when it comes to certain touch stimuli. Nevertheless, they’re highly trainable, readily responding to positive reinforcement and treats.

In summary, our Malshi embodies the epitome of a lovable, family-oriented, and playful companion. From their unwavering loyalty to their endearing quirks, these adorable pups are sure to steal your heart. So, if you’re seeking a furry friend to enrich your life with joy and laughter, consider welcoming a Malshi into your home.


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