Caring for Our Shih Tzu Rescue Post-Surgery

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In their latest video, viewers witnessed the emotional journey of Shelley, Robin, and their newly adopted Shih Tzu, Sadie Grace, as she underwent surgery. As Sadie Grace headed to the operating room with Robin, Shelley found herself at home with her mom, their thoughts consumed by the well-being of their furry family member.

Throughout the day, Shelley and her mom tried to stay occupied, engaging in memory games and exercise to distract themselves from worry. Shelley, who also serves as her mom’s caregiver, found solace in physical activity as a means of coping with the emotional strain of the day.

When Sadie Grace finally returned home, she was visibly exhausted from the surgery. Shelley and Robin ensured her comfort, setting up a cozy space in the sunroom for her to recover. Despite her grogginess, Sadie Grace’s appetite remained strong, a promising sign of her resilience.

In the following days, Shelley and Robin diligently monitored Sadie Grace’s recovery, providing her with pain management medication and adhering to post-operative restrictions. Despite the challenges, Sadie Grace’s playful spirit shone through, bringing joy to her adoptive family.

Each day brought small victories, from leisurely walks to tender moments of cuddling. Sadie Grace’s journey to recovery served as a reminder of the power of love and perseverance in overcoming adversity.

As Sadie Grace continued to heal, Shelley and Robin cherished every moment with their beloved pup, grateful for the opportunity to provide her with a loving home and the care she deserved.


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