27 Shih Tzu’s Rescued! Meet The Heroes!

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In a heartfelt appeal emanating from Pacific, Missouri, a story unfolds that tugs at the heartstrings of animal lovers. Nearly 30 Shih Tzus, saved from the brink of uncertainty, now find themselves in dire need of foster homes. This urgent plea is not just a call for help but a testament to the resilience of these furry companions and the compassion of those who seek to aid them.

The origin of this rescue operation lies with a breeder facing eviction, a situation that brought these dogs to the precipice of homelessness. It was under these pressing circumstances that volunteers, including the commendable efforts of Kristen Durand, stepped in. These selfless individuals took it upon themselves to transport these dogs to a low-cost veterinary clinic, where each dog received critical health assessments and necessary medical care, including vaccinations and heartworm treatment. This essential step ensured the dogs were ready for the next phase of their journey – finding a temporary home.

The reality these dogs faced prior to rescue is one of overbreeding, a harrowing experience particularly for the mother dogs who endured repeated breeding. The rescue operation brought these practices to an end, offering these dogs a chance at a new, healthier life. But the journey doesn’t end here. The focus now shifts to finding suitable foster homes, a crucial step in their path to eventual permanent adoption.

The process to become a foster for these dogs is comprehensive, ensuring the best fit for both the animals and the foster families. Potential fosters are required to fill out a detailed application, submit a video showcasing their home and yard, and provide documentation for any existing pets. This thorough process ensures that these dogs, who have already endured so much, are placed in safe and loving environments.

The shelter, in its unwavering commitment to these dogs, provides a robust support system for fosters. This includes access to trainers, ensuring that any issues that arise are promptly and effectively addressed. The aim is not just to provide a temporary shelter but to offer a supportive and nurturing environment for these dogs as they transition into their new lives.

This story is more than just an appeal; it’s a narrative of hope and compassion. It’s a call to action for animal lovers, a request to open hearts and homes to these dogs in need. For those interested in becoming a foster, the shelter encourages you to visit their website and fill out an application. In doing so, you’re not just offering a home; you’re providing a stepping stone to a better life for these resilient creatures.

As the video concludes, the message is clear: these dogs have been given a second chance, but they need the community’s help to make the most of it. If you have the means and the heart to foster one or more of these dogs, now is the time to step forward. It’s an opportunity to make a real difference in the lives of these animals and to be part of a larger story of rescue, recovery, and love.


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